The caper of the “lost” glasses. And all the food I ate on vacation.

We’re back.  And we still own our house.  Dangit.

We did have a good open house over the weekend with some very hopeful prospects.  I’m just shouting for joy that someone actually showed up to the house!  Since school ended we’ve been getting some traffic.  I’m very thankful for that.  I should share that we did get a verbal offer on the house as well but it was kind of ridiculous.  Our realtor told them it was stupid the minute they said it.  But they wanted her to call us anyway and offer.  So she did.  We counter-offered within the hour.  And they haven’t said a word.  Not even "no thanks."

Yeah, I think they were bluffing the whole time too.  Ah well.

We had a lovely time in Denver!  The weather was stupendous and John got us a lovely hotel room at the Adam’s Mark.  We drank copious amounts of Starbucks, ate at the original Chipotle and the original Tokyo Joe’s and at Le Peep, hung out at Washington Park watching all the beautiful people and dogs go by (and not-so-secretly wished we lived there), played wild games with Ash, her roomies, and my mom … oh, and we watched Ashley graduate.  🙂 It was great.  Lots of pictures posted over there somewhere.  My baby sister’s all grown up with her master’s degree!  Sniff, sniff.

Does that mean I’m OLD?

It must.  For instance, when we got to our hotel in San Angelo on the way home I somehow convinced myself that I had left my glasses in Denver at the hotel we’d just left.  I mean, how could I have them with me?  I couldn’t find them anywhere in my giant suitcase full of unneccessary crap, no matter that I’d just taken out my contacts and I’m BLIND without my contacts.  I was "too nice" to ask my husband to find them for me since he was busy doing his homework for his master’s program but I was also nice enough to whine about how I was so mad I couldn’t find my glasses (and no I didn’t go and put my contacts back in) for a half hour.

Oh yes, it gets worse than that.  The next day I called the hotel no less than THREE times begging them to break into our old room and "just see" if they were in the drawer, which they argued they could not do because someone had already checked into the room.  I then argued that no one would have to know, it would be our little secret.  They then politely informed me that there are laws against that!  Then I mentioned that the housekeepers can go in there and just inadvertently open drawers, right?  They technically have "consent," right?  I was then told I’d be called back if anything ever turned up.  One day.  Maybe.

So then I called my sister and begged her to promise to pick up my glasses for me if and when anyone called to tell me they’d been found.  She agreed, even though she’s preparing to leave the country on Friday for two whole weeks.

Then when I got home and unpacked they were in my suitcase.

Dsc01175It was worth it, though.  Thems are some cute glasses that cost my husband moola.  Even though we have vision coverage.  But they are cuuuuute.  So he had to pay extra.  Cuz he loves me (and because I’m a whiner).

ANYWAY.  It’s summer.  I DON’T NEED MY BRAIN IN THE SUMMER.  That’s what spending 22 out of 27 years of life in school will teach you.

One of my favorite things about road trips is eating at a little joint called Cracker Barrel.  Where do I begin?  They serve breakfast all day, they serve down-home country cooking full o’ carbs and bacon grease, they have a store where they sell all kinds of fun knicknacks (giant checkers or Yankee Candles anyone?) and old-fashioned candy… the list could go on.  I love it.  It is the only place where I don’t feel bad dickering with myself over whether to get country fried steak or fried catfish because BOTH are amazing and totally worth the eventual heart attack and weeks off my life they will one day cause.  Lucky for my arteries there isn’t one anywhere near where we live.

Something magical usually happens when we go to Cracker Barrel, obviously.  And this time was no exception.  As our waitress served us our huge, hot, amazing lunch with sweet tea AND coffee (who can choose?  Sometimes you just can’t discriminate) she informed us that a gentleman at another table had asked for our tab and had just left with it.  She’d already checked the computer and confirmed that he’d indeed paid.  WOAH!  That’s totally never happened to me.  I had my back to him, but John had a clear view of him and confirmed that it was no one we know… just someone doing something randomly nice for someone else.  It totally made our day and renewed our confidence in the human race. 

Whoever you are, Cracker Barrel Man, thanks!  That was the best catfish dinner I ever, ever had.  And the day that followed wasn’t too shabby either.


4 thoughts on “The caper of the “lost” glasses. And all the food I ate on vacation.

  1. mont'ster says:

    Well I just noticed that you listed a bunch of us as “Stalkees”… its a good thing that I know you personally or else I might be a little creeped out 🙂

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