The big week.

Well, it’s come.  We’re starting to pack. We’ve booked the moving truck.  We’re giving away stuff we don’t want to take with us.  It’s on.

And somehow, it still doesn’t feel real.  How does that work?

We’re planning on leaving town a week from yesterday.  So in a little over a week I will be a resident of the great state of California!  AH!  So in between now and then I have to change the addresses on EVERYTHING I receive by mail (most important of which is my RealSimple magazine subscription), clean out the garage (which I have never gotten around to since we moved here three years ago), and oh a million or so other things I can’t think of right now.  What are the most important things I need to remember to do when we move cross-country?

Oh and then there’s the two stinkers who don’t even do that well at living at home…THE DOGS.  The last time we moved Henry had about three seizures and destroyed some miniblinds at the new house before he felt "truly" at home.  And then we brought Juicy home about a month later and he proceeded to COAT THE HOUSE IN URINE to get himself settled in.  Luckily (I think) there’s no carpet at the new house, just wood floors and linoleum.  That’s lucky if urine is easy to get off hardwood floors…

YAY, though … Ashley (my sis) is coming to help us move!  She’s flying in from Colorado tomorrow to help us not go crazy with the little stuff we need to get done (like grocery shop and get the Juicy dog’s toenails clipped).  And our good buddy Troy (husband to Lily) is going to drive the moving truck for us so there’s no repeats of the last moving truck’s run-in with my car courtesy of my dear husband.  Have I mentioned that we don’t move particularly well so far?  I guess the rainbow’s end of that one is that it can only get better (not worse, how much worse could it get!!), right?

What do we do to unwind over here amidst all the craziness, you ask?  I’ll tell you:  We build forts with Lily and Troy and put Isaboo in them.  Cause it’s fun.




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