What day is it again?

Uhhhhh, ok.  I just tried to remember what I last reported on and then tried to place what day it was …  it took a few minutes but I THINK it’s Monday.  It is Monday, right?

So, our first Sunday was yesterday!  It was a looong, exhausting day.  I will start by saying that John PREACHED IT!!  I was so proud of him.  He gave an intense, inspiring message about what it means to have true fellowship in the church.  It cut to the bone, and at the same time gave people a taste of who he is and what kind of resource he will be as a pastor.  I was so fired up at the end of the sermon and so was the church.  It was awesome!!  We are both excited about what this year will bring although we know it will be challenging and frustrating…

There was of course some INTERESTING stuff that happened before the message.  We had no idea what the service would be like (although we visited a few times this year and knew vaguely who would be there and what the place looked like).  Let’s just say that the worship was a little off-key (although heartfelt), there was a puppet show (OH DEAR), and a rambling 30+ minute announcement session followed by a photo slide show.  It was … interesting.  It is clear that this church has needed leadership for a while.  We really loved seeing all the people in the congregation again (about 20 or so people attended the service in all) and we went out to lunch with one family after service.  It was overall a great start.

I have to say also that Sunday school was awesome!  They just recently started up a program with 2 adult classes and the class I went to studied Psalm 29.  It was great!!  The leaders really have a heart for studying the Bible and wanted to break the word for the class.  I really enjoyed it and learned something.  It was a wonderful surprise.

Today was another busy one.  We got up early to take Troy out to breakfast at our favorite spot in Venice Beach called Maxwell’s (they have the best huevos rancheros EVER) and then to the airport so he could finally go home.  When we got to the airport it was clear that something was amiss … people were lined up outside with their luggage and there were tons of cops and dogs everywhere outside.  Nevertheless, we dropped Troy off and hoped for the best.  We got a call from his wife a few hours later to tell us that she’d gotten a collect call from Troy (his cell phone died) to let her know that there had been a "threat" at the airport and the commotion backed up security so badly that he missed his plane and couldn’t catch another until tomorrow (his bag of course made it to the plane so he has no suitcase tonight).  AHH!  John went to get him and brought him back to Mom and Pop Hud’s place so he could catch up on a project he needs to get done by August 1.  The girls, meanwhile, went to get manicures and pedicures and Target.  Such hard work for us!!  πŸ™‚

Then tonight we all went out to dinner to celebrate.  It’s John’s and my THIRD wedding anniversary today!  Woah!!  It seems like yesterday we were out here in California to get married before we moved to Texas and now here we are … Californians!! Crazy!  We ate at Buca di Beppo in Pasadena, where we had our wedding reception.  YUM!  I have to say that this has been the best three years of my life.  I am so blessed to be married to my best friend, and that he is a man who loves the Lord so dearly.  Not to mention he treats me like a princess (and lets me go to Target A LOT!  Ha ha!).  Love you Bud!


Let’s see what else?  You’ll probably want the dog report, right?  Hee hee.  Henry is doing ok.  Juicy has been occupied CHASING and PLAYING with Caci and Jono’s basset hound Sally.  It is so funny to see the two of them skittering across the wood floors just barking and going nuts!!  They’re having a blast!  Henry and Sally aren’t exactly best buddies, but Sally has finally accepted that Henry is in charge and has quit challenging his "alpha-dogness."  There was a minor tiff between the two last night that settled that and they’ve gotten along fairly well ever since.  Otherwise, the dogs love the cooler non-humid weather and so do we!   

Tomorrow we plan to take Troy to the airport to try again, move into our house and yes, actually SLEEP in it for the first time, and hopefully fix things up.  Ash and I are also going to try to hit the beach for a few hours and then John’s sister Candice ("Caci") arrives for a visit from Idaho.  We are just going NONSTOP over here!!  That’s why I’m going to bed in a few minutes (10 pm … I don’t think I’ve gone to bed that early on purpose since high school).  Internet access might be sketchy for the next few days so if I don’t update don’t freak.  Kay?

Love to all.  Who’s coming to see us and when???


5 thoughts on “What day is it again?

  1. Lily says:

    Hip hip hooray for updates. How church went on Sunday was sketchy in details, so I was excited to hear the skinny on the happenings at church.

  2. Caroline says:

    Reading today’s blog, brought me to tears. Not the writing itself. But the journey you have been on since we last saw each other. The joy that you seem to bring each day despite what each day holds, is an incredible blessing and encouragement.

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