Like, totally, dude.

We’re at Starbucks.  The WiFi is NOT free here.  Thank goodness we have an intrepid and generous father-in-law who lets us borrow his account when he’s not at Starbucks.  Which, because he and Mom Hud are moving is not much recently (only like once a day, hee hee). 

So, we’re Californians now.  Weird.  The signs are appearing; for one we’re at Starbucks just like everyone else in our general vicinity.  Seriously it’s 3-ish in the afternoon on a weekday and people are tripping around in here just hanging out like on Friends … except here they all have cell phones stuck on their face and crazy hairstyles.  Maybe real people actually DON’T go to work, eh?  John just finished signing up for a cell phone ALL FOR HIM (I am looking out the window and donkeys and pigs are flying) so we’re a 2 cell phone family after only three years of marriage.  It’s annoying killing John but I’m LOVING it!!  This whole "can I borrow your phone to call my husband?" thing is SO OLD!  My first act of independence is putting a picture of my hubby on my phone’s wallpaper because he can no longer complain that he doesn’t want to see his own face when he opens the phone to call someone.  Hee hee!

The house is really coming together.  Today we finally hung up the blue guitar painting, which pretty much makes it official that we live in the house!!  It also makes us miss Texas and our friend Israel, who gave it to us as a gift.

(The painting in its former glory: in our house in Texas watching over our friends.)


(That’s Israel in the green with Sergio)

One of these days I’ll take some pictures of the new place all fixed up and get them up here.  Things’ll have to first: a) Get fixed up, and b) get wired up at our place because every time I’m out on free WiFi I’m trying to update this here blog and clean out my email inbox.  SAD!

Now that we’re getting settled in we’re starting to MISS other things that somehow DID NOT GET PACKED:







And other stuff too.  😦

p.s.  Henry and Juicy say "What’s up!" because that’s what you say instead of "hi" in Cali, baby.




4 thoughts on “Like, totally, dude.

  1. Lily says:

    oh, and the stuff you miss, that you couldn’t pack up and move with you. . . good thing you couldn’t. some of those things are a bit expensive to maintain 🙂 . not like watering a plant or something like that.

  2. Ashley says:

    Um, I want to eat that picture of Isaboo. Soooo cute. Glad things are getting a bit more settled. The settled feeling is a beautiful one. Man, I am quite sure that all those people miss you back. Edinburg is not as exciting without you all there, no doubt.

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