Manda, unplugged.

I haven’t poked you on Facebook for a while.  Nor have I returned your comments on Myspace.  I have no idea what’s going on in your life because I haven’t read your blog.  Your emails hang in the balance unreturned.  I know you’re all wondering where I am (because you’ve asked in those many forms several times) and so I’ve crept down to the coffee shop with John to untangle all my loose ends.

You know what?  That’s pretty much impossible (untangling, I mean).  The bad news is that we won’t have internet at home until at least September 9.  Sorry kids.  I’ll do my best until then but you might have to just pick up that ancient tool called a TELEPHONE if you need extra details! 

So I begin by assuring you that we’re fine!  We’ve unpacked several more boxes and we’re almost to the point where we’re not looking for errant objects that were misplaced in the move (we’ve now declared them all lost and have begun replacing/ moving on with life).  We survived yet ANOTHER plumbing backup that ended in a semi-flooded house and another visit from the plumber.  But hey, we got a new toilet out of it so we no longer fall asleep to the sound of a toilet tank filling up AN HOUR after it was last flushed!!  HOORAY FOR THE MUNDANE, I SAY!  And while I’m basking in the mundane I would like to share that this morning I took a huge swig of coffee only to simultaneously cough and therefore aspirate a great majority of the swallow into my lungs and nasal cavity and then expel it all in a glorious shower all over my Young Life blanket (which was thankfully covering the couch).  It still hurts six hours later.  Just thought I’d share.

ANYWAY, we’re doing VBS at our church this week.  We’re averaging about 20 kids a night which is surprising because we have about 10 people at our church on a Sunday morning.  The kids are in majority homeless, and are gathered together by a local woman called Sister Lynn.  She drives to South Central LA and picks them up from the homeless shelters or hotels where they are temporarily staying with their families and brings them to us.  It’s been a humbling and awesome experience to spend a few hours with this group of kids (who are mostly girls) each night.  It became clear after Monday night that we’d need to feed them some sort of meal when they arrived at the church.  We rounded up some stuff to feed them Tuesday, and yesterday we convinced Trader Joe’s to donate a meal.  They were so awesome … one of the managers just pushed a cart around the store with John and I and put whatever we pointed to in it.  We settled on spaghetti and we’re planning a big lunch on Saturday to end our week!  God is truly providing.  The kids are having a blast singing and watching the puppet show each night and even manage to stay put during a too-long message that employs a feltboard (the intentions are good there, I know, but it’s so 1980s sometimes I have to poke my own eye out to keep myself awake!).  At this point I’m just glad to be put to work and it’s wonderful to walk by the outside of the church and hear children’s laughter and singing through the open windows.  I hope it’s blessed someone in our neighborhood.

Speaking of work, still no word from YoungLife, but I’m not worried yet.  If we get past Monday then I might start to get antsy and put in a phone call but we’ll just see what unfolds.  I’ve learned my lessons about challenging God’s timing in any way but it’s still hard to be patient!  🙂

Henry had a seizure the other day, a bad one.  He’s done so well up to this point I really couldn’t blame him!  It was the day the plumbing backed up so there was a lot of extra activity at the house and it was actually pretty hot here for a few days after a long cool spell so I’m sure that didn’t help.  John was on the phone with the internet providers and Henry came to find me.  I’d just gotten out of the shower (after cleaning the ENTIRE HOUSE AGAIN) so it was probably a startling sight when John stumbled on us on the floor in our bedroom!  Yeah, Monday was a tough day this week.  Henry’s recovered fine and still loves to beg for cheese.  Juicy is dirty again so I’m pretty much giving up on the whole bath thing until I can get some prickly things planted in my flower beds.

Uh, what else?  I’m averaging a trip per day to Target.  See, in California, you can’t just "grab" shampoo or a toothbrush at the grocery store because it costs easily DOUBLE what it would at Target.  And no, there’s no Wal-Mart love here.  OHH!  And guess what else!!  John bought me a desk!!  It’s the desk I’ve been searching for my whole life.  And Anna will be happy to learn that we got it at World Market!!  369412_3_sourav_desk_w_hutch

Nice, huh? I love me some World Market.  In my long hiatus I’d forgotten how wonderful it is to wander in there.  And thankfully it’s right next to a Best Buy so I can go there when John takes his frequent "browsing" trips!  Since I got a desk, John even cleared a spot for me in "our office" and had it all set up for me Tuesday as a surprise.  If you’ve ever seen our home office you will understand how HUGE that is(John’s office space is usually looks like it was in the path of a tornado).  So now I just need to get some desky stuff all set up.  I have big plans for all those little cubby holes. 

Well, gotta go stuff my face with In-N-Out (no, the "I need to quit eating crap phase" of living in California hasn’t started yet).


7 thoughts on “Manda, unplugged.

  1. Lily says:

    SO excited to read your update. You’re a very animated writer. Hooray on the Trader Joe’s manager willing to take the tab for feeding a bunch of hungry kids in need. TRADER JOE’S! Got to love that. Sorry to hear about Henry’s seizure. He has gone a long time without one, though.

  2. KoloradoKid says:

    “And while I’m basking in the mundane I would like to share that this morning I took a huge swig of coffee only to simultaneously cough and therefore aspirate a great majority of the swallow into my lungs and nasal cavity and then expel it all in a glorious shower all over my Young Life blanket (which was thankfully covering the couch).”

    -True poetry!

  3. Annaaaaaaaaaa says:

    YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS WM! If I could furnish my whole house with that place, I would. That desk is great- I love lots of cubbyholes and storage like that. 🙂 High five!

  4. Ashley says:

    Oh man, I would restrain that old toilet if I could get my hands on it!! Sorry the plumbing struck again. And my sweet Henry, give him a kiss from Auntie Ashley. Glad to hear your spirits are up. Um, that desk is amazing. I have already organized it in my mind! Ha. Loooooooove you.

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