Labels, mani-pedis, and my fish could beat up your fish.

I’m learning all kinds of new interesting words since I’ve moved to LA, and "Angelenos" is the one I learned today!  I’m assuming that it refers to people who live in LA and not people who are native to LA … either way I don’t like it as well as "Chicagoans."  Don’t get me wrong, I love living here so far, but "Angelenos" sounds kind of girlie.  I will say to LA’s credit that our neighbors backed into John’s truck yesterday and left us a note claiming fault for the accident (and they’re going to take care of all the damage too).  These same neighbors also brought us a box of chocolate-dipped eclairs when we moved in so we’re pretty sure they’re NOT native Angelenos.  Hee hee.


I am doing some things that are SO Los Angeles lately, though, such as getting mani-pedis twice a month.  I went yesterday and I missed my sister so I got her favorite nail polish color, "Lincoln Park After Dark."  And I can prove it.  🙂  Another LA thing I do?  DRIVE.  A LOT.  Yesterday I was in traffic for an hour trying to get home.  Suck.  And I know it is SO REPREHENSIBLE but I talked on the phone the whole time.  I KNOW!  I’m becoming one of them! AHH!


I also got a new pet!!  His name is Fussy.  He’s very active and he is the only one of my pets that likes the camera.  It’s probably because he is a NATIVE Angeleno.  Hee.  Actually I think that he HATES the camera and is trying to beat the crap out of it but it makes for good pictures.


And here’s our living room.  We have a fireplace.  SWEET!  I’ll put up more pics of the house someday.


Anyway, I was included in a group email today which insinuated that I was on a staff that I have not yet been hired to.  Think that’s a good sign?  I hope so.  If it was a mistake…UGGGGHHHH!

I might get The Office season 3 today.  Oh please Lady Fortune smile on me!!  And speaking of irreverent DVDs … you know what movie is really good?  9 to 5.  What is it with me and cheeky entertainment?  I have watched Grumpy Old Men so many times I have it memorized but it STILL makes me laugh so hard.  I guess it’s just because I’m a buttoned up pastor’s wife. OK, so I liked impertinence of any kind before I was a pastor’s wife.  And by the way, what is with everyone introducing me as a pastor’s wife now?  How about a "friend" or "youth minister" or "person" or heck why not go crazy and call me "Manda"?  Since when am I defined by my husband’s vocation?  When he was just a college professor no one introduced me as a "college professor’s wife."   I don’t mind "John’s wife" because it’s my favorite way to be defined but you should see people’s eyes widen when they hear I’m a "pastor’s wife."  They must be imagining the large collection of decoupaged sweatshirts and jean jumpers I have at home in my closet.  RIIIIIGHT.

At least some things never change, eh?




3 thoughts on “Labels, mani-pedis, and my fish could beat up your fish.

  1. bud says:

    Man, I started cracking up when you were talking about Fussy. You are the funnest person I have ever met – I will stand by that to the end of my last dying day unto eternity!

    For the record, I want to be introduced as Amanda’s husband. In fact, I want to change my name to Amanda’s Husband Huddle. “Hello, I am your pastor, Amanda’s husband…”

    No, I’m not joking. Best wife in the wooooooooooorld. And my initials would be open up and say “AHH….”

  2. Sally says:

    Manda,John’s fun, clever, witty, smart,gorgeous wife, you’re the best. Love seeing all that you are doing. The house looks very cozy. Can’t wait to get there.
    Mother of Amanda and Ashley.

  3. Lily says:

    You two are great. You never fail to bring a smile (and laugh) to my face. The living room picture is great. . . Makes me want to come over and spend time there. But alas, that’s a REALLY long drive for a living room visit.

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