All my dreams are coming true!

Biggest news of the day:  iPhone prices have been slashed by $200. YES!  I have a shot at getting one for Christmas now!

Iphone_2  Office_season_3_2

Noteworthy:  I bugged John enough about The Office season 3 that I got him to admit that he pre-ordered it on for me and it’s on the way.  Hopefully today’s the day! (By the way can you sense the running theme that I am SPOILED because I have the BEST husband EVER??  I can.)  I totally shot myself in the foot by watching the season 2 finale on Monday night.  And no, I haven’t seen much of season 3 yet because I had no time for t.v. last year (or good reception on our antennae for that matter).  So, AHH!

For you Xangans out there, I feel it’s my responsibility to let you know that I deleted my moonjib page.  It was time to move on.  I do, however, have a new page in the works called, what else but insidedog!  For some silly reason Xanga is blocked at Panera so I can’t do anything with it right now, but hopefully our Internet will be hooked up by Saturday so I can work on it a bit then.  I won’t be posting over there, but I will start commenting from that account name.

Here’s Isaboo (otherwise known as the miracle baby of my best buddy Lily and also The World’s Cutest Girl) and hey guess what?  She is turning ONE on the 19th!  Time sure flies.  I miss my buddies in Texas!  I haven’t had any good baby smooches for a while (nor any good company at Target).  😦  I totally stole this picture off Lily’s blog.  And frankly, I would steal this child too if I had a shot at getting away with it!!




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