I know, I’m blogging more than anyone could possibly keep up with BUT I HAVE AMAZING NEWS!!

I saw Roy from The Office today at the Paseo Mall in Pasadena!! He looks just like a guy I went to college with and I did a double take before I realized who it was.  I should have stopped him and told him that but he was very large and was carrying a very large box on his head and I didn’t want to make him turn around — how embarrassing.  He looks the same in real life as he does on television.  Woot!  That was a great first celebrity sighting.  I’m gonna go find his myspace and send him a stalker message now.  Did I seriously just say that?



2 thoughts on “FINALLY!

  1. becca b. says:

    omg..if i had seen roy at the mall, i would have kicked his shins and told him i’ve always wanted pam to be with jim instead 😀 then ran away…Very quickly.

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