Smarter than the average dumb dog.

The Almighty Chubster, also known as Juicy, learned a new trick:

Recliner + guest room bed




Too bad he doesn’t know how to get down.

But not too bad for a dog whose former attempts to get on a bed equated to what we like to call "the lean and plead" in which he would simply prop himself up on the side of the bed and whine for someone to help him. 

Demonstration of the "lean and plead":


Juicy has also decided in the last 24 hours that he REALLY enjoys my heating pad.  Since I’ve been crippled from exercise attempts in the last few days I’ve been sitting on my heating pad and basically leaving it out on the couch 24-7 (there’s a tailbone injury in my past — that is a LONG story for another day).  This morning John came upon Juicy snoozing on my heating pad.  He’s such an old lady, he takes after Mama that way.


One thought on “Smarter than the average dumb dog.

  1. Ashley says:

    My Juicer!! I miss my Juicy Fruit. Loved this post. Made me smile real big. I just caught myself up on all your posts….It’s hard to stay on top of blog so fast! But I love reading your blogs, it makes me happy and it makes me want to read them aloud to people so they can hear how funny you are and understand why I love you so much! Smooch!

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