My husband’s girlfriends.

It is a widely accepted fact that young women are magnetically attracted to babies.  I’ll speak for myself and say that I have "baby radar" … just the other day a woman was holding a newborn baby in her arms at Starbucks and I couldn’t tear my eyes away while I was waiting for my order to come up.  She smiled at me and I smiled at her.  I got my pumpkin spice latte and moved on.  Until the next baby.  Not an hour later I stopped dead in my tracks in the line at Target to unabashedly flirt with a little smiley munchkin who was looking at me over her mommy’s shoulder.  And so on.  It never ends.

I thought I loved babies … until I met the man I am married to, that is.  When we hooked up with our good friends Katia and Jeff last Thursday I was reminded about the pact that John and I have:  He is allowed to have as many girlfriends as he wants, so long as they are under the age of 5. 

I bring this up because Jeff and Katia have a gorgeous little girl named Naomi.  She is going through a stage of "stranger anxiety" according to her parents.  She has always been very shy around me — even when she was an infant and didn’t know any better — and she has never, ever let me hold her.  Welp, she found someone she likes:

Exhibit A


Exhibit B


Shy?  Naomi?  Hmmm…  I’ll give her props, this weekend she did let me hold her!! Woo hoo!  But she was probably just using me to get closer to my husband.  sigh.

I bring this up because this is a phenomenon we have seen before:

Exhibit C


The phenomenon of which I speak is named ISABOO!  She loves Johnny.  And who wouldn’t love her first boyfriend?  Isabella isn’t what we’d call a shy child, but she is picky about the company she keeps.  She doesn’t just automatically gravitate to anyone … except you-know-who.  Since John and I were over at Lily and Troy’s like EVERY DAY we learned pretty quickly that when we put Isabella on the floor and John and Troy were playing guitars in the next room that it wouldn’t take her long to GO FIND HER BOYFRIEND.

These are only a few examples of the thousands of babies, male and female, who have put up their little cherub hands for John to hold them, smiled back at him, and let him blow raspberries on their stomachs and smooch on their feet when countless others have failed.  Every time an onlooker sees this going down they automatically respond "when are YOU guys going to have kids?"  People, it’s harder than it looks and WE’RE WORKING ON IT.  Sheesh.

So, for now, my husband practices on other people’s kids and I look on with a smile and a swelling heart.  Cause I’m his only wife.  🙂



2 thoughts on “My husband’s girlfriends.

  1. Lily says:

    Very nice picture of you two. Only one and beloved wife of Johnny. Ladies and gentlemen, Manda is not a preacher’s wife. Rather, Johnny is Manda’s husband! Remember that.

    I think I’m on crack. I’m allegedly doing academic work. Meanwhile, I hear Isabella through the baby monitor, yelling, “Bao, bao,” which means “hold me!” in Chinese.

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