Are you a lurker? Today is National De-Lurk Day!

Today I finally came out of the closet over at whoorl and left Sarah a comment.  I have her linked to my page and I check her site at least once a day now and I have never, ever commented.  Apparently, Internet, this is bad manners!! Who knew?

The Great Mofo Delurk 2007 (click on the button over there for the full story. it’s a fun idea!)

Whoorl tempted me out of the closet with a multiple choice question that she posted just for the purpose of giving people who read her site — but have never commented — the chance to "out" themselves!  Bloggers everywhere are participating in this exercise today thanks to Schmutzie.  I like it!

So, for you fun, awesome SECRETIVE inside dog readers out there, I have my own question.  All you need to do is click on "Comments" below and a screen should pop up.  Fill in the fields and then hit "Post" and you’re good to go!! And no, you don’t have to have a blog of your own to comment (although it’s fun if you do have one and you link it to your comment for me)!!

So here it goes …

What do you impulse buy at Target?


Me?  I impulse buy those big giant boxes of Milk Duds.  Sometimes I’m done eating the WHOLE THING by the time I get back out to my car.  Yikes.

I’ve also been known to impulse buy underwear, pajamas, makeup, Swiffers, scented candles, anything with an orange clearance tag…  None of which are EVER on my list.

So what’s your poison?  You KNOW you do it too.

(p.s. Anyone is welcome to comment, not just the newbies)


4 thoughts on “Are you a lurker? Today is National De-Lurk Day!

  1. Kara says:

    I impulse buy clothes for the girls…or junk at the $1 spot for them. I’m trying not to hit Target too much since we have no money. 🙂

  2. Yi says:


    I don’t even remember how I came upon your page, but I have been stalking you ever since I found it. I think you are so fun and your posts are interesting, and I joined 43 things because of you too 🙂

    I ALWAYS end up buying a lot of potato chips from Target, I usually end up hating them, but I keep buying them… Can’t help it 😉

  3. bud says:

    I like to impulse buy a cup of Starbucks coffee and write on napkins while I wait for my wife to purchase all of her impulse buys. Is it an impulse buy if it’s in anticipation of someone else’s impulse buys? O my head…

  4. mont'ster says:

    Okay, whenever my wife DRAGS me into Target, I immediately go for the one dollar racks. If there is anything vaguely resembling a book – it’s mine!

    After i buy the book (or three) that i’ve found then i (pre-planned) moosie (sp?) over to the snack bar and get an ICEE.

    Books and brain freeze – a perfect combination.

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