I need help!!

So people, we have a problem over here. The cloth shower curtain we use in our master bath is MOLDY! EW! Why, you ask? Well, several reasons. First, it’s never, ever been washed. In. Three. Years. Second, we don’t have an exhaust fan in our master bath and things get, well, moldy in there. Also, we have a walk in shower and the curtain is always getting wet. My solution? Get a vinyl shower curtain. Easy, right? WRONG. I have one in our guest bath that I absolutely LOVE:


Functional yet educational, no?

I have searched high and lo (basically at Target and Bed, Bath and Beyond) and I cannot find another vinyl shower curtain that I like that ALSO — and this is key — would go ok with the red towels and rug in our master bath.  My question to you is this:  is it totally LAME-O to have the same shower curtain in both bathrooms?

Please vote below and HELP ME!



7 thoughts on “I need help!!

  1. mont'ster says:

    Two things:
    1) Its your shower so use whatever shower curtain you like.
    2) So like how many people actually see your master bathroom, anyway?

    Side point to #1 – I think that shower curtain is about the coolest shower curtain i’ve ever seen. (seriously, where’d you get it?)

    Side point to #2 – i think women (generally speaking) are WAY too concerned with what other people think about how stuff looks. Make life easy on yourself. Personally, I only worry that my wife is happy with what I wear – the rest of the planet can take a flying leap! 🙂

  2. Priscilla says:

    I don’t know if I should give bathroom decor advice. The last apartment I lived in —the down stairs bathroom was in Orange and Blue (Go Fighting Illini) and the upstairs bathroom was all rubber duckies.

  3. Sally says:

    Your mom says get something that goes with the colors of the master bath. I like the one for “my bathroom” at your new house, but you need something else. I voted that it is lame. So, if you don’t want my opinion don’t ask:)) I love you no matter what you do or choose.

  4. Mizmell says:

    Get one of those mildew resistant clear vinyl shower curtains (available at Lowe’s)and put a cloth one on the outside.
    Just a thought…

  5. mont'ster says:

    Manda – i asked Diana and she said to tell you this.
    As far as cool shower curtains go – try Kohl’s – they have a nice selection of cool shower curtains – that’s where we got the “frog” shower curtain for the guest bath.
    Diana says she wished we needed a shower curtain in the master bath so she could get one from Kohl’s. (we have a shower with a door)
    As far as moldy goes – even mildew resistant shower curtains will get some mold and mildew without proper venitlation in the bathroom. Not a problem – Diana says you can throw a shower curtain (cloth or vinyl) in the wash with hot water and color safe Clorox and when the cycle is done just hang it back on the shower curtain rod to dry. It works wonderful – even gets rid of the soap scum.

  6. Manda says:

    I guess I need to clarify that I DID have a vinyl liner for the cloth curtain and it STILL got mildewy and never dried. Ew. We now have a clear, boring, vinyl curtain until I find THE ONE.

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