Shower curtain dilemma: An Update

Here is the boring, boring view from my master bathroom toilet:


Sad, huh?

Thank you for your input on this pressing matter!  The last poll is now closed and I have decided:  I will get a different shower curtain for this bathroom. You were all very sweet to say that I was not lame for being uncreative.  🙂  My mother did say, however, that she will love me no matter what shower curtain I choose, so that really takes the pressure off.  Thanks Mom! 

I now have 2 options at the top of my list.  On the one hand we have the very educational metamorphosis of a butterfly and frog. On the other hand we have a lovely map of the U.S. to help Manda learn the capitals.  Can you once again answer the call?  Vote for your favorite!!

  Curtain3 Curtain4


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