Show and tell

So today when I was getting dressed I was searching through my closet, trying to decide what jeans to wear.  Insead of choosing a freshly laundered on-a-hanger pair, I instead went digging through my dirty clothes hamper to get out the ones I have already worn EVERY DAY THIS WEEK.  I got them at Old Navy about a month ago and then had to have 4 inches hemmed off of them, and welp, they are AWESOME.

Here is a variant of the outfit I have worn almost every day this week, including my favorite red flats which were a serious score(!!!) from T.J. Maxx:


I love these jeans for many reasons, some of which I will now list: 

1. They are almost a perfect replica of the Navy-issue jeans (the brand is Seafarer) my sister and I found ONE pair of at Goodwill about 4 years ago.  Back then, they fit me perfectly and were a tad too small for her.  Since she’s gone on the South Beach Diet and I have been on the Everything BUT South Beach Diet, those precious jeans are now a perfect fit for my sister and a tad too tight on me.  So for now, the Seafarers reside in Denver.  I miss them, but I can cope better with my Old Navy stand-ins. 

2.  These jeans contain the oh-so-critical 2% spandex.

3.  Since I bought them a size too big they are loose enough to EAT FOOD, sit down in, and even sit down on the floor cross-legged right out of the dryer.  Man, I love that.

4.  My husband loves them.  He loves them so much that I practically get a "Yee haw!!" and a silly dance whenever I wear them.  SO CUTE!

Sadly, these jeans (they say "High Rise" on the tag) are nowhere to be found on the Old Navy website.  Which probably means I need to get over there RIGHT NOW and scour the sale racks for as many more pairs as I can find!!  AHH!

Here’s a closer look at my beloved red flats to make you feel  better:


Yes, that is paint on the wood floor.  Don’t ask.

And in case you’re wondering how my thumbnail is doing, here it is in all it’s bedraggled glory:


I know.  HOT. 

And life is SO interesting around here.


3 thoughts on “Show and tell

  1. Michelle Z says:

    Well, of course Old Navy should carry jeans that are like Seafarers! I think it’s implied in the name!

    They are super cute! I bought new jeans yesterday and tripped over them all evening. Maybe I should look into getting them hemmed. I won’t, though. I know me 🙂

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