How to scare the ever-loving crap out of a dog:

When I was sick a friend of ours was so sweet to bring me a card and a balloon to cheer me up:


Yes, I agree, it is a bit creepy but it’s the thought that counts? Right?  Unfortunately, this size-accurate balloon monster scares the ever-loving crap out of:


When it first entered the house Henry seemed a bit confused and unsettled.  He is usually a bit skittish as a rule so we didn’t think anything of it.  After all, he’d never really had much experience with a balloon, so he’d need time to adjust?  I went back to reading blogs and John went back into his office and all of the sudden I heard a strangle grumbling sound coming out of my normally quiet and sweet-natured (albeit skittish) dog!  He was growling!  Since he positioned himself directly in front of me on the couch I can only assume he was protecting me from the crazy floating pixie that had now taken residence in HIS living room.  I immediately text-messaged John in the next room (he can’t hear me screaming while he has his headphones on so if I ever break my leg we’d better better hope and pray he has his cell phone on vibrate in his pocket).  After we made fun of the poor dog for a while we repositioned Tink in the guest room where she can’t hurt anyone.  And she’s been there ever since.

And speaking of the guest room, it got a major facelift on Monday!!  Wanna come over and stay with us?  Please?  We have a television in there, with working remotes and everything, and seasons 1,2,3, and 5 of Alias.  And books, Harry Potter ones.  And room in the closet so you can hang stuff up.


So really, when are you coming over?


One thought on “How to scare the ever-loving crap out of a dog:

  1. Sally says:

    Looks like the perfect mother/mother-in-law room to me. Be careful I may want to stay a lonnnnng time. I love Henry.

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