Thank you very much Miss Lippy!

You know how big lips are in style now?  It seems like everywhere I go (in Los Angeles, of course) I see women with big old puffy lips.  I’m sorry, but I think you can totally tell when someone’s had injections.  I saw a young woman at Starbucks yesterday whose upper lip was so puffed up with Restalyne it was almost touching her nose!!  How could she think that looks attractive??  Anyway, according to this website, there are several ways that you can tell if someone has "naturally" big lips or not.  Supposedly the upper lip is usually 30% smaller than the bottom lip and if the lips are natural there are a lot of wrinkles on them.

My whole life I have had big lips.  Here they are with no makeup, no Photoshop (because as we all know, I don’t have yet because it’s ON MY CHRISTMAS LIST, hint hint):


Now you tell me, does my top lip look 30% smaller than the bottom to you?  Nope, me either. These lips got me made fun of BADLY in elementary school, people.  Sure "bubble lips" doesn’t sound so bad now, but when you’re in 4th grade and you’re also the tallest person (yes including the boys) in your whole class AND you just got glasses, this is not a welcome observation.  And let’s not even get started on my mullet haircut.

And then what do you know?  Big lips came in style right around the time I started becoming un-awkward and suddenly Hollywood stars and housewives alike go to the dermatologist and/or cosmetic surgeon to make their lips big and poofy ON PURPOSE.  So I’m finally "stylish" and people just assume that my lips are fake.  And yes, people ask me all the time if my lips are real.  IS THERE NO JUSTICE??

Thanks a lot, Angelina Jolie, thanks a-freakin’-lot.



4 thoughts on “Thank you very much Miss Lippy!

  1. Lily says:

    Top lip 30% smaller than the bottom lip?! Are they on crack. I have naturally big lips, and my lips don’t fit that description.

  2. aLu says:

    i think i should go wid lily..
    my lips are big too..
    even if i’m asian
    my upper lip is bigger den my lower one…
    also my lips are soft n lil poofy..
    but nt so poofy..
    natural kinda..
    jus a lil bigger thn urs..
    n i think it looks fake..
    cuz i dnt relly hav wrinkles..
    jus a lil :S

    also wen i was young i used to b teased…
    i hated my lips back thn..
    but now i LOV it..
    thou sumtyms i get a lil worried cuz my lips are near perfect (nt to b braggin)
    also any gloss suits my lips..
    n it can go wid every outfit u wear..
    well thts wt i think
    btw ur lips are hot!
    also Kute!


  3. Chels C says:

    I have big lips too, i’m still in school. Some people think i look like a fish. I hate my big lips. They are painful. This morning i looked like that picture A. Jolie. my lips cracked open and started to bleed. My lips are always so chapped no matter what i do. Not many people in my school have full lips so I stick out.
    In my pictures I smile differently. I curl my upper lip and make my smile big so it stretches out my bottom lip to make my lips appear smaller. What I would do to have normal lips.

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