It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

Thanksgiving came crazy early this year, didn’t it?  I don’t know about you all but when I was growing up the Christmas decorations get busted out the Friday after Turkey Day.  The whole family was at home and in the neighborhood where I grew up everyone did a tree in white lights in their front yard in addition to whatever they used to decorate their houses.  At our house, we went the full monty and spent the entire day tricking out the whole house, finally collapsing exhausted around dinner time to eat leftovers and watch a Christmas movie.

This year when John and I got home from visiting at my mom’s on Saturday we were too flat-out tired to start.  On Sunday night, even though we were still exhausted, we decided to put up the tree.  We watched Grumpy Old Men (a Christmas tradition at our house!) and Home Alone and started decorating the inside of the house.  I also got out my new Christmas china from last year (thanks Mom!) and washed the Christmas mugs in the dishwasher.  Although it’s rewarding to get everything done in one day, it’s also been kinda fun to add things a bit each day, especially since it’s still November!!



And since we’re in a Christmas mood over here, the whole family got elfed!!  Hee hee!  It’s worth clicking on the link … I couldn’t figure out how to get the animation to play here. 


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