The second sports post EVER!

So, you know how I was a Fighting Illini in college?  You know how I live in Southern California?  You know how the Illini are going to the Rose Bowl?

Welp, I’M GOING TOO! WOO!  My industrious father-in-law got the whole family tickets because HE loves the Illini more than anyone I have ever met.  And he didn’t even go there!

The real question is now, who else is coming?  We’ve got a guest room and a couch in case anyone is wondering (but I don’t think I have extra tickets, sorry dudes).

This is what I shall be wearing as I welcome all my alumni pals to my new state of residence for the MOST EXCITING THING THAT’S EVER HAPPENED IN THE HISTORY OF ILLINOIS FOOTBALL (second only to the Bears going to the Superbowl which I still can’t get over):


Available at in case anyone is looking for any last-minute Christmas ideas.  Hee. 

No really, size large.

Wanna know what’s cool about living in So Cal?  Other than going to the Rose Bowl I mean?  You can drive an hour and go to Disneyland for dinner.  How sweet is that?  I will tell you, it’s REALLY sweet.  I did it tonight with my husband so I KNOW.  🙂


One thought on “The second sports post EVER!

  1. Yi says:

    You do live a charmed life 🙂 Although your taste in sports teams is questionable, haha 😉 (I am a Michigan State and Colts fan)

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