Ready for the flood. Yes, I said flood.

So, it’s forecasted to rain here in trusty ole So Cal starting tonight and lasting into Saturday, we figured we’d better stock up on supplies:


You know, just in case rain turns into snow somehow and we can’t leave the house for oh, say, 2 weeks.  Yes, that sounds lovely, we’ll enjoy the thaw just in time for Christmas!

We found a lovely alternative to DuraFlame logs today at Ralph’s called Java Logs.  First of all, they don’t have a crazy headache-inducing chemical smell which is a major plus considering we have reproductive organs that we don’t want shriveling up and falling off AND two lovely pets who like to stick their nose where it ain’t their business.  Apparently they’re also recycled and better for the environment, blah blabbity blab.  I just like that I don’t have to store them on the back porch because they don’t stink.


While I was snapping pics I figured I should take some pics of the Christmas decorations since I didn’t have any yet.  Then I got all crazy and decided to take a picture of the stuffed monkey my hunky husband won for me by shooting only FOUR baskets at Disneyland.  The decoration pics are all over there on Flickr (yes I know I said I quit but you know what?  All my favorite bloggers do it so I’M DOING IT TOO!) but the greatest picture ever taken, which developed out of that particular session, is featured here for your viewing pleasure.  Are you sure you can handle this?  You might want to go pee before you scroll down.  Especially if you’re one of my many pregnant girls. You’ve been warned!



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