Everyone needs a hero!

My dog Henry LOVES John’s dad.  We ask Henry, "Wanna go see your Pop?" and he goes out of his mind like we’re dangling a porterhouse steak just out of his reach.  When Pop comes over you will find Henry directly under his feet if he can’t somehow wedge himself into Pop’s lap.


For a little backstory, you need to know that my dog is characteristically wary of men.  This is a lot of growth for a dog whom when he first came home from the Humane Society was SO AFRAID OF MEN THAT IT GAVE HIM A HEART ATTACK any time anyone with high-ish levels of testosterone came around, including the mailman.  John and I were dating at the time and on their first few visits Henry would scatter and crawl into my lap every time John lifted a foot just to shift his weight on the couch.  It was sad!  He was also very afraid of the broom (or any kind of stick) and could not be confined in any way (crate training was a DISASTER).  I could barely leave him alone in the house for the first year we were together.  We can only ascertain that my poor Bubba was abused by a male jerkwad in his former life.  Happily, my sweet dog has been rehabilitated.  It took a few years, but now John is Henry’s third favorite person.  In case you’re wondering, I’m second.

We can trace the Henry-Pop bond back to a time long ago when John and I were married just three weeks and we decided it would be a good idea to move 2,000 miles to Texas.  Long story short, we spent the next 3 weeks as newlyweds in hotel rooms with Pop and Henry (NOT ON PURPOSE, I told you it was a long story).  Henry, who was still mad at me for getting married and kicking him out of HIS spot on the mattress, slept in Pop’s bed.  And that was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Since then, all Henry can talk about is how fun it is at Pop’s house and "when is Pop coming over?"  Not only is it crazy that my dog can talk but it’s amazing that his favorite person is a MAN.  When Pop’s visiting there is no one else.  We can tempt him with tortilla chips, with cheese (and that dog LOVES him some cheese), we even start getting looney and saying we’ll give Juicy to the neighbors if he would please come and visit our other guests but he will have none of it.  For Henry there is only Pop.

So basically if we ever leave Southern California we are majorly screwed. 


3 thoughts on “Everyone needs a hero!

  1. laura says:

    ok, i understand that i am carrying low… but it may not be a boy. some woman came into work the other day and said that she thought i was carrying a girl because i was carrying low, because that was how SHE carried her girl. weeeeeee’ll seeeeeeeee. 🙂

  2. laura says:

    um, im kinda going through blog withdrawal. you need to update. i keep checking and checking and checking….

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