Christmas shopping in La La Land

Celebrity sighting alert! Last night at Best Buy I saw Rachel Hunter.  You know, the Sports Illustrated model who used to be married to Rod Stewart?


Hate to break it to you folks, but she did not look REMOTELY like this in real life.  In fact I had no idea who she was on the first glance.  Sure, she was a tall, thin, blonde woman but she looked like a total scrub and she was getting in my way while I was trying to shop so I’m all "’Scuse me!!" so I could get by her.  She had on sweats, messy hair, no makeup.  No one was bothering her so I’m pretty sure I was working hard to recognize her!  Either that or people are so used to celebrities at this particular Best Buy that it doesn’t phase them anymore (John and I saw Brian Cook from the Lakers and I’m pretty sure I saw Kevin Nealon from Saturday Night Live from far, far away — both separate occasions).

I think that people leave celebrities alone here because you would look like a total and complete DORK if you went up to them and were all, "Hey!  Rachel Hunter!  From Sports Illustrated!  Too bad you lost on Dancing With the Stars!"  So for now I’m going to be all cool and not introduce myself to celebrities, unless of course it’s Denzel Washington.  If I ever seem him at Best Buy I’ll run up to him and hug him and probably get smacked down by a huge security guard but it’ll probably be totally worth it, no?

The whole ordeal made me feel a lot better about life.  Come on!  I was at Best Buy with Rachel Hunter and I had makeup and real clothes on and she didn’t!  I totally win!

In other news, did you know that during the holidays at Disneyland THEY MAKE IT SNOW?!  John and I went Sunday night and watched the Fantasmic show (we had fantastic seats too), then they had a fireworks show with CHRISTMAS MUSIC — they played "Silent Night"! — and then THEY MADE IT SNOW!  It was quite possibly one of the most wonderful things I have ever seen.  I think the snow was just bubbles of some kind but it looked like snow and people were holding their kids up over their heads so they could get "snow" on them and it was just so cool.  For the first time this year it felt kinda like Christmas!!

It’s been raining all week here so it’s been a bit chilly.  The dogs hate it … they’ll barely go out in the grass to go pee!  In fact, John caught Juicy about to take a pee on his yard shoes that live out on the back porch the other day (no big surprise there, Juicy hasn’t met anything he wouldn’t try to pee on). The cold weather makes Juicy more crazy and mischevious than usual.  Oh man. 

I’m starting to think about what Christmas goodies I’m going to make this year!  Last night I made Kara’s Governor Bars but I took them to church and I didn’t get a single one, DANGIT!  I also made a huge pan of fudge to give as gifts to our neighbors.  I wonder, when you get a plate of fudge do you prefer it as a brick that you can cut up yourself or do you like it when it’s already cut up?  I can’t decide.  Part of me thinks that cut up it won’t look as nice and it’ll also seem like it’s been handled to death.  But on the other hand it’s nice to not have to do work, you know?  I’m also planning on making peanut blossoms, iced sugar cookies, butterscotchies, and I’ll have John make his traditional peppermint bark.  Hooray for the holidays!!

What kind of treats are you making (or hoping to eat) this year?


2 thoughts on “Christmas shopping in La La Land

  1. laura says:

    ok– i know i should be happy for you because you aren’t posting as often, because that means that you have found things in the ‘real world’ that are more important than things in ‘blog world’. And really. I’m glad for you. But for those of us who have yet to find things to occupy our time with other than endlessly surfing the net, going to the same 5 sites over and over and over again… please. post something. even if it’s just a hello. i know i’m harder on you than on other people, but it’s just because you are so GOOD at it. I look up to you. You are my blog-idol. So think of it as tough love. it’s coming from a good place in my heart, I promise.

    by the way, I made zucchini brownies this year for the family. They were DELICIOUS.

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