The big news over here:

We’re pregnant!!

I guess this might explain why things have been so, well, boring over here for the last few months (on the blog, I mean).  Since before Christmas I’ve been keeping a sock in it because of what’s REALLY been up!! Hee hee. We told our families on Thursday night after having a great second ultrasound at our doctor.  Since everyone we’ve told has had lots of questions, I’ll go ahead and tackle as many as I can think of right here and now.

How far along are you?  When’s the baby due?
I am approximately 13 weeks (I’m saying three and a half months).  The baby should arrive sometime between August 16-18.  The date keeps changing so let’s just call it mid-August.

How do you feel?
Manda:  AWFUL!  I get nausea and heartburn beginning every night at 5 pm like clockwork.  On Christmas eve I got up at 3 am to puke my guts out.  Yay!  I’ve only actually tossed my cookies one other time but you’d better believe that I’m down on all fours a lot (in public restrooms, ewww!) and have almost chucked while brushing my teeth many times (lovely gag reflex).  I’ve been feeling so wretched that I asked the doctor when I would start feeling better and he said 14 weeks.  I made him shake on it.  He’d better not be messing with me.
I do feel a lot better now that I can blame feeling tired and icky on being pregnant … it makes so much more sense!
John: There’s a baby in there!

What’s the health report?
So far I’ve only gained two pounds.  That probably has something to do with all the barfing.  Otherwise, everyone’s healthy!

What do you look like?

I’m starting to grow out of my normal clothes but maternity clothes are still a bit too big.  Wanna see?

How the heck have you been hiding THAT?
Mostly with the same three baggy outfits, an assortment of sweatpants, and John’s t-shirts.  To be truthful, I’m kinda relieved to be able to wear stuff that shows the gut, er, baby bump cause it’s not a secret anymore! I went shopping for some things today and dangit maternity clothes are expensive! Hand-me-downs, anyone?

Are you going to find out the gender?
Well, that’s sticky.  I want to but John doesn’t want to.  We have a month to work it out.  He’ll probably get his way … for now.  We are both kind of thinking boy.  Time will tell!  Only six months to go!

What did the baby look like?
Super cute, obviously!!  Also, John saw the baby moving around like crazy on the sonogram waving it’s arms and everything!  I think Little Buddy is going to take after Daddy that way (talking with the hands and such.  Preach it!).  I couldn’t see any of this because the screen was pointed away from my face.  What I did get to see was the baby sucking it’s right thumb!  AHH!  It was so cool.  I was a thumbsucker too, only I sucked my left thumb so I had my right hand free to twirl my hair.  Hey!  You gotta multitask!

What about track?
Coaches just stand around and blow whistles and run the stopwatches, so I’m good.  Also, being pregnant doesn’t affect your ability to yell real loud …

Ohmygosh are you SO excited?
Yes, we’re thrilled!  It’s scary and crazy to think that our days as just the two of us are numbered, wondering about what kind of parents we’ll be, how the heck are we going to name a person(???) all that stuff.  It’s a huge blessing.  We’re overwhelmed.

Any other BIG news?  YES!  ASK ASHLEY!!


7 thoughts on “The big news over here:

  1. laura says:


    oh amanda, I am so happy!

    And… you should be happy to know that because of this post, I just called ashley (7:45 her time… that’s AM) and made her tell me everything. so thanks for that 🙂

  2. Lily says:

    YES! I’m guessing since it’s on your blog, no more need to keep the news a secret from anyone. CONGRATULATIONS Manda & Johnny. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

  3. Jeff, Jenny, and Ali says:

    Awesome news guys! We’re so excited for you. Our kids will only be 13 months apart. Yea! Take care of yourself and milk your pregnancy for all that it’s worth. 🙂

  4. Lady in a Smalltown says:

    I just started reading your blog and your one-year appt entry pointed me here too.

    I just wanted to say that it is a good thing pregnancy doesn’t keep you from being able to yell, because I had one of the worst classes I have ever had last year.

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