If you ever have to call Babies ‘R’ Us, do NOT under ANY circumstance dial 800 as a prefix to their number instead of 888!  Please for the love DO NOT make this mistake or else!  Or else!  You’ll call a phone sex hotline!!

How do I know?  Well, I called the BAD ONE.  First-timer.  Scariest 5 seconds of my life.  Bar none.

That being said, let’s move on.  Let’s move on to the COOLEST thing that happened this week, which was the arrival of the most wonderful pregnancy care package of all time:  a box from John’s sister Caci which contained no less than TWELVE pairs of maternity pants!  HOORAY!  PANTS THAT FIT!  I am enjoying all the wiggle room in my pants while it lasts … everyone loves to tell me that by the end of my pregnancy everything that is too big will one day fit like second skin. GREAT. Know what this means, though?  Since Caci is getting rid of some of her pregnancy clothes … the countdown is on!  I’m gonna be an aunt in a few weeks!!  WOO HOO!

Oh and THESE were in the box!  Oh my goodness I could die from all the cuteness!

Oh AND!  Lookie who got engaged!!


I’M GETTING A BROTHER!!  FINALLY!  (Natalie and Amy are unfortunately NOT included in the package, as they belong to Nate and Kara)

OOOh, and look who had a birthday last week!


Funny how I can find the time to make a birthday cake but not to close my kitchen cabinets, huh?

Thanks for all your comments on the gender post.  John saw the HUGE response and is already wearing down.  Hee.  Although a few of you have mentioned that not knowing the baby’s gender has been a BIG helper during labor, so I’m keeping it in mind.  Do you have to know your baby’s name the second it’s born, by the way?  Is there some chance that they will swap my baby with someone else’s in the nursery if it’s just "Baby Huddle" for a few hours?  I figure I want to get to at least MEET the kid and spend a few hours together before we officially name him or her. 

Also, any of you have navel piercings?  What do you do with that whilst pregnant?  I took my ring out already but I’m wondering if I’m going to get some random stretch marks or if there’s a better option.  Suggestions please!!  I’ve had it forever and I guess I’d kind of like to have it back once the baby’s born (don’t worry I won’t show it to anyone because, OH GOODNESS).

Oh, and WHY THE HECK doesn’t Target stock ANYTHING GOOD for babies available in the store?  Why is all the good stuff online only?  Is there anywhere else to register other than Babies ‘R’ Us? 

What is your opinion on travel systems? 



  1. Michelle Z says:

    delurking here – my step-mother’s brother & his wife just had their first baby, and it took them 8 DAYS to name her. Eight! So I’m sure taking a few hours 🙂

    Have fun registering!

  2. laura says:

    now, i havent been through this part yet, but i am taking lamaze classes, and last week they took us on a tour of the hospital. when you get there, you and daddy get a wrist band with your name on it, and when baby is born, they put a wrist and ankle band on her right away with YOUR name on it, as well as numbers that match the numbers on your’s and daddy’s bracelet. that way, if daddy wants to get baby out of the nursery or wherever, he has to show his bracelet and the numbers and name must match up. so you don’t need to have the name right away, at least when it comes to making sure you get the right baby.
    that’s the way they do it in our hospital at least…
    as for those shoes. adorable. my mom bought the little one little baby crocs for Christmas. I swear, babies have the cutest clothes and accessories. I never took the time to make myself trendy, but I feel like i might go overboard with the baby… so many OPTIONS!!

  3. anne nahm says:

    Twelve pair of maternity pants sounds so awesome – like a Christmas song or something. Also, those booties are making my ovaries hurt they are so cute!

  4. seussgirl says:

    Too fun! I wish someone had sent me maternity pants. I’m at 29 weeks and still only have 3 pair! 🙂
    I agree about Target – I gave up on registering there b/c it seemed EVERYTHING we wanted was “online only.” We gave in to the BRU black hole. But there’s also Wal-Mart or Pottery Barn.
    Good luck! 🙂

  5. Lily says:

    Sorry, all the good stuff is online for Target. Babies R Us has stuff that Target doesn’t have; that’s the good part. The bad part is that on a lot of stuff, they’re much pricier.

  6. Nate says:

    so funny. how do these things always seem to happen to you! 🙂

    glad to see my kids are still making the wall! 🙂

    chat with you soon.

  7. Vanessa says:

    I can’t be of any help with the shopping issues because i life too far away for it to be of any use to you!

    As for the navel piercing, I’ve never had one but i’ve seen friends keep them on till the belly got too big for comfort, then remove them and replace again after baby… no (extra) stretch marks that i know of!

    As for naming, we never named ours till we got to meet them first. With Lorcan (our last) we took quite a few hours and the nurses were pushing us to make up our minds… but not because of any possible mix-ups (his tag has your name and date of birth on it)… just because they were curious 🙂


  8. Rachel says:

    My 2 cents:

    They filled out a “Baby my last name” bracelet for my son as soon as I got to the hospital, he was not born until 20 hours later! They strapped it on his ankle almost as soon as he popped out. My husband and I had ones with the same number and anytime they brought our son to our room or we took him to the nursery, they double checked the numbers. Also, they clamped an alarm on his umbilical cord and if you got too close to the elevator or the stairs, it set of the alarm and people came running from everywhere! There won’t be any mix-ups.

    We had his name chosen in advance, but just in case it didn’t fit him, we had a few others we liked.

    Personally, I don’t like the travel systems. It is just too heavy for me to get in and out of the car. I have a Graco snap frame stroller that I use running errands and a really nice umbrella stroller for going on walks. I’ve been using it since he was 10 days old and it works well with my friend’s 2 year old too.

    My friend has the Chicco travel system that she used at first, but now she only uses an umbrella stroller too.

  9. caroline says:

    Naval ring, first off, I took my out years ago. Now the hole that was in the belly button never returned to being in the bell button. Does that make sense? Maybe I will send a pic? Try Walmart? Or Macy’s? Macy’s has a clothing brand called Green Dog. I love it for Elizabeth. Old Navy is also good for baby clothes. I would also try recosignment stores or sales. Like Once upon a Chilc, Baby USA?

    While in the hospital, Elizabeth had an electronic bracelet. They are incredibly sensitive. But I got my little one back every couple of hours. I would almost want to have her with me as much as possible so going home is not a shock. A lot of mommies wnat the convefrtible crib. it is nice and way expensive. There are many ways to make a regular crib convertible at least into a toddler bed. Ie taking off the side rail and inserting a foam wedge so they don’t fall out of bed. We will be there soon with the railing off of the crib.

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