Week 16: Apples, yogurt, pinching

Here’s what I look like as of last Friday night:


Bumpity!  I’ve been blowing up the last few weeks because YAY!  I CAN EAT FOOD NOW!  It’s the greatest.  Every day I eat a big ole Fuji apple and at least two cups of yogurt.  About three times a week I’m hitting Taco Bell for a "light snack" of bean burrito after track practice.  The all-you-can-eat soup and salad bar down the street is MY FRIEND.  Oh food, we missed you.  Welcome back.

In other pregnancy news, John’s baby enjoys pinching me.  No one told me that pregnancy pinches!!

I’m loving coaching.  Today I got about 9 kids assigned to the distance team.  Only about 2 of them were even open to the idea but unfortunately for them if they want to run 400s (a super popular event with our team) they have to get through me.  Hee.


In some strange way I think that coaching is preparing me for motherhood:  every time someone calls out "coach!" I whip my head around like you see the ladies do at the grocery store when someone calls "mom!"  Every day I have to check everyone’s boo boos, make sure they ate their lunch, get after them when they smart off, all of it.  The nice part is that after practice they go to their homes and I go to mine where there’s a quiet couch and I Love Lucy reruns!

We went to Disneyland tonight and I had the best caramel apple of my life. 

And now, off to bed.


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