Filthiness: FOILED AGAIN!

Our vacuum cleaner died.  So, we’re all, "Screw that! We don’t need no stinkin’ vacuum!"  Yeah, right.  Thanks to our dear furbags, the vacuum (also known as "The Enemy" to those same furbags who take to the dark corners of the house whenever it turns on), is probably the most necessary appliance we own.

And so, off we trudged to Best Buy with our rewards points and purchased this beauty, which so happens to be surreptitiously "Made for homes with pets":


We were so excited when we got home we decided to try it out on this carpet here: 


And on the first pass, we got this:


Some conclusions:

Our last vacuum cleaner WAS THE WORST VACUUM EVER.
We are filthy.  Our dogs are filthy.  We are disgusting people.  We are going to make horrible parents.

Or maybe this vacuum has just saved us from a horrible fate.


Seventeen weeks, six days. Miserably disappointed with Target maternity selection.

Currently:  In love with the movie Dan In Real Life.  I think it has something to do with the music.  Check it out.   


4 thoughts on “Filthiness: FOILED AGAIN!

  1. Annaaaaaaaa says:

    how SATISFYING is that vaccuum cleaner???
    we have all tile in our house, so the dog hair collects in the corners and along the baseboards. it’s lovely.

  2. Caroline says:

    so cute!! Old Navy Maternity!! Or if you want to save, buy and XL or XXL in regular. Sometimes it works out.

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