OOOh guess what??  I’m featured on Whoorl for Hair Thursday!!  Yay!  Go over to her site and check me out quick cause I get a new hairdo tomorrow!!  Yay! 

And now on to our regularly scheduled programming…

So today I got me some jellybeans.  Sometimes pregnant people just NEED jellybeans, mmkay?  The problem?  I can only eat them one at a time.  Combining flavors such as "Buttered Popcorn" and "Top Banana" are not necessarily good for the soul.  Like, at all.  Which robs me of the joy of shoving fistfuls of candy down my gullet which is totally my perogative now that I’m a HORMONAL PREGNANT PERSON!  I feel so lucky when I get two of the same kind to eat together, especially "Watermelon" or "Juicy Pear."  Thankfully I also picked up a bag of peanut butter M&Ms, which despite the varied colors, all taste the same (in case you were wondering) and can be shoved at will.

And yes, I just spent a paragraph talking about jellybeans.  Here’s a picture to go with it:


Wanna know what else?  John felt the baby moving today!!  It was so cool.  We had Mexican for dinner and Little Buddy was straight up tap dancing in there!  I held my breath and held very still and sure enough … movement could be felt on the outside.  It’s not quite kicking yet, I guess the kid still has lots of room in there. It’s all surreal to me; I look in the mirror at my growing tummy and think "There’s really a baby in there?"  Even feeling movement now and then doesn’t convince me.  I guess it’ll take a few good suckerpunches and judo kicks to make me a believer (you’d think the barfing would have done it sufficiently)!

I got to do A LOT of shopping today and I got some much-needed tops.  I also got an Easter dress at Target in the junior’s section!!  It’s not a maternity dress (I’m sure it won’t be long until they have those in the junior’s section, ha ha) but thankfully tent-like sundresses are still in so I can fudge it.  It’s a large, so I’ll have to supplement with a sweater over it and a tank top under it to hide my industrial-sized bra, but now I finally have something NOT black in my maternity wardrobe!  Woo hoo!


On the days you actually believe you’re pregnant you start to wonder what this little person will end up looking like.  Our new nephew looks EXACTLY like his daddy, but we’re starting to see some of his grandma’s features popping out here and there (especially in the brow, it’s so cool!).  What will MY kid look like?  Me or John?  Will he/she have brown eyes or blue?  Whose nose or chin?  Will he or she be tall like Daddy or short like Mama? 

And what will our baby like?  Shakespeare?  Wagner?  In-N-Out or Tommy’s?  Apple or PC?  Sci-fi?  The Office (oh let’s hope so)? Peanut butter?  It’s all important to consider, right?   

Most importantly, will Little Buddy like Roger Rabbit?


I have a feeling that one day I’m going to have a son.  Who looks just like the one on the right.  🙂

And so, in honor of all the chocolate Easter bunnies everywhere, we (as in me, and my baby daddy circa 1993) salute you, Roger Rabbit.

Happy Easter!!


2 thoughts on “Easter-rific!

  1. K says:

    I stumbled upon your blog via Whoorl today. I gotta say, I’m in love with your basset! Check out my page to see a pic of my lovely little drooler. She’ll be 2 this May. I was even thinking of posting some puppy pictures today since I came across some yesterday.

  2. Lily says:

    ohmygosh! i didn’t realize that was johnny in the picture (despite your clues) until troy and monte brought it to my attention.

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