No, that’s not vomit…


But it might as well be.  What you’re seeing here friends is what happens when the bottom of your blender (the part that holds the blade) is not properly attached to your convenient to remove for cleaning! blender pitcher.  Let me just say that when you get up and make yourself a beautiful mostly fresh fruit smoothie for breakfast and then the universe decides to take a magnificent crap on your head it kinda puts a damper on your day.

You know what makes it worse?  When after an hour you finally get all the smoothie out of here:


And here:


And then you accidentally knock your husband’s favorite coffee cup — which is full of coffee and oh, by the way it’s the one you HANDMADE for him when you were still just DATING 6 years ago — off the counter and smash it into a million unrepairable pieces.  That, my friends, is when it’s an appropriate time to cry.

And then change your clothes for the second time in an hour.  Here’s where you should stop, right?  And go back to bed?  Yes, indeed.  But did you stop?  NO.

You decide to clip and wash your getting-older and seizure-prone filthy-ratty-looking dog Henry:


Because he bit a groomer once and you had to buy the clipper set.  And you’re going out of town on Sunday so he’s going to be a guest at Pop’s so it’d be nice if he, uh, well, smelled a little less funky and looked nicer. 

So, even though he bites groomers, your dog is usually very compliant when it comes to you so it should be no sweat, right?  Of course this is the day that Henry decides that two trimmed legs is all he needs and hell-to-the-no he does not need a bath.  Since you’ve already cried once today use this opportunity to get your husband in on the dog-wrangling.  It doesn’t work.  Hose down half-clipped dog in the backyard and call it a day.  If you know what’s good for you.


2 thoughts on “No, that’s not vomit…

  1. beth says:

    did you save the pieces of the coffe mug? You could do something crafty with them maybe? Mosaic a picture frame or plant pot?

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