He now demands to be called “White Lightning”

Today my team had an all-day invitational meet.  My day started at 6:30 and ended at 5:30 and was full of "Coach!!" and "What am I running?" and "When am I running?" and timing and cheering my brains out and sitting outside on bleachers.  Needless to say, CRAP, I’M TIRED!

One of the special events of the day was a coaches 4×100 relay.  Since Coach Huddle is, uh, 5 MONTHS PREGNANT, she was excused from the race.  But who would take her place?  Well, there just so happened to be another person named Huddle at the track meet:


After some prodding from the kids, John was soon suited up in Comet red and black!!  Since he was mildly concussed after running headfirst into someone during a crazy game he played last night with the college small group we host (again, thank goodness I was medically excused from that one!) he wasn’t feeling too hot about the whole thing.  Oh and did I mention he’s never run a track race IN HIS LIFE?   He claimed this one for me and the baby!  I have the best husband ever!

Well at least he wasn’t alone.  Coach Miles, Coach Barnes, Mr. Hamilton (a parent who took Coach Atkin’s place), were in it with him.  John ended up running the 3rd leg.  They got 4th out of 12 teams!! Woo hoo!


After the race they were hoping to show up to college sporting events, car races, etc. and asked to suit up at the last minute…


Studly, no? 🙂  He does come through in a clutch:  just hours later he dropped off In-N-Out in my lap.  I love this man!

p.s. I know I’m due to post a prego pic.  I will soon!


2 thoughts on “He now demands to be called “White Lightning”

  1. KATHY V says:

    I left a comment before but either blogger or typepad ate it. I really would have liked to see the picture of the pregnant coach running in the race. That would have been an awesome sight. Or scary, one of the two. Oh well, I a glad john was able to help you and the team out by contributing to a fourth place finish. That is nice.

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