It’s a … BABY!

Lo and behold we saw our beautiful baby today.  I have to tell you … the technology of the sonogram machine is quite amazing.  Our sonographer (who is coincidentally also named John) showed us Little Buddy inside and out!!  First the head, then a cross section of the BRAIN (!!) then the face — oh dear the kid looks kinda looks like Mama — then the skull under the face!  Then the chest and the perfect little heart beating away, then more internal organs, the curvature of the spine, my baby’s hands waving away and banging against the uterus wall (ouch), feet kicking (more ouch), butt sticking out, all of it.  I lay there on the table in complete AWE, thinking, "That’s a baby."  Deep, huh?  It was one of the most mind-blowing experiences of my life.  Someone could have come in the room and stolen my purse and I would have had no clue what was going on.  At one point during the sono John (the tech) had the wand near my bellybutton and I could feel the baby poking against it and I said "ooh, what’s that!! Am I getting kicked?" and he said, "Nope, that’s baby’s butt."  Ha ha.

Let’s see what I can remember in terms of relevant details:
I’m measuring 20 weeks, 5 days (as of today) and the due date should be Saturday, August 16.  I’m still gonna call it August 16-18 just to be safe.
The baby weighs about 3/4 of a pound.
No heart defects! Or any other defects!
"Feisty" according to the tech, because Little Buddy does not like to sit still for pictures. Oh dear.

They took my heart rate and blood pressure right after the sonogram and it was all a bit high (but still normal)!!  Hee!
I have now gained a total of 7.5 pounds.

Crazy to think that when my mother was pregnant with me she never got to see me until the day I was born, huh?

No word on the gender.  Sorry peeps.  My mother-in-law was, well, exasperated to the point of: "Some boys just don’t look RIGHT in yellow!" (I couldn’t agree more) and then, "You know it’s really hard to see all those cute little girl dresses and shoes and not BUY ANY!"  Hee.  I agree it is kind of hard to register, and we worked on that a little bit today if you want to check things out at  I’m not a big fan of kids in all neutral clothes so far, although I do see the beauty of neutral baby gear.  We’ve got 19 weeks left to figure it all out, I suppose. 

I’m curious, though: What, Dear Readers, do you suppose our baby’s gender is?

And since I’m all talking about pregnancy in this post, let me just say that I still really miss:
-Turkey sandwiches
-Brie, glorious brie
-My old bras
-My favorite jeans
-The Indiana Jones ride at Disneyland…

But I am about to no longer miss sleeping on my back because I asked my doctor today and he told me that it poses no risk to baby for me to sleep in a non-side position. He told me that at some point I won’t be able to sleep on my back at all (the term "beached whale" comes to mind), but as long as I’m comfortable doing so, he doesn’t see a darn thing wrong with it. Hallelujah, and off I go to sleep (in the guest room, boo, because Johnny is still sick) on my back.


One thought on “It’s a … BABY!

  1. Kara says:

    YEAH! So glad to hear that everything is a-okay.

    Was surprised you didn’t write about the insane amount of water you have to drink right before the ultrasound and you have to pee really bad while they press on your bladder for 30 minutes!

    Please post your ultrasound picture! I want to see this baby!

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