Week 24 (now with accurate numbering!)

Late to church, wondering if our daughter will be able to do THIS?:


And I know every pregnant lady says this but seriously, how can I get much bigger than this?  How can I possibly have 16 weeks to go?  Honestly, how much more stretched out can a person get?  I’m a little scared.

I’m also wondering (hoping, actually) if our baby will snore like our buddy Kintaro, the son of our friends David and Minerva:


Here he is with our friend Jessica at our small group on Friday night and this kid, who is only one year old by the way but already wears a size 2T, snores like a grown man.  If this picture had sound you’d hear something like this: "Snoooooooore.  Snooooooooooooooooooooore."  It is AMAZING!  BABIES ARE AMAZING!  I’VE GOT TO GET ME ONE OF THOSE!

And here’s an updated pic of our nephew with his Grandmommy.  Couldn’t you just take him to prom like RIGHT NOW?


The title of this whole blog should probably be "Babies, babies, babies."  Sigh.  I guess I’m turning that corner in my life right now.  Plus babies are cute and they smell so good!  Too bad they make you FAT!  🙂


2 thoughts on “Week 24 (now with accurate numbering!)

  1. Lily says:

    You’re not fat darling. How else are you supposed to fit a growing baby, nutrients and all, in your tummy?

    Isabella can do that tongue thing. Got it from her daddy.

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