Stumblings of the blessed

Today through Nora I came across the most amazing blog:

In the following video the writer of the blog explains his family’s story.  Being that I’m now 24 weeks pregnant (and constantly complaining about it, seems like) this all just floored me.

This is worth checking out if you have some time. Seriously.

Our baby girl is moving A LOT! Especially when music is playing. This could mean one of two things: she loves it OR she hates it. I’m guessing that since John is her daddy, that it’s going to be the former and not the latter (he likes the music LOUD.  Like SO LOUD you wonder if he has hearing problems). She also moves a lot as soon as I lie down in bed at night, absolutely bushwacked from carrying her around all day. I’m still at the point where it doesn’t wake me up which I’m betting will end soon. Oy. My hips are killing me, and I finally understand WHY pregnant ladies waddle. I always assumed it was from the extra weight but now I see that it’s really more of a LIMP. I also have a really, really sore spot on my spine and I wish that John would just crack my back for me already but no dice.

I really think that everyone has miscalculated how far along I am in this pregnancy. I fully expect to be holding a baby in my arms sometime in July. Humph. See? Complaining! About the miracle of life! So I need to give mad props to my BFF Lily because she’s not only set to deliver #2 in a matter of weeks, she just had major dental work on top of it all (root canal!). And let’s not forget that she’s spent the last 19 months teaching Isaboo CHINESE. And then, only a few months after giving birth, the family is moving across the country!! 

I suck. Really, I know I do.  I’ll shut up now.

p.s. At least pregnancy hasn’t diminished my ability to RULE at games (so what they were designed for 10-year-olds?)!!



3 thoughts on “Stumblings of the blessed

  1. larmar says:

    ahhh, the pregnant waddle. i don’t miss that. and yes, you will be pregnant till august. just except it now, it will be easier that way. i thought FO’ SURE that i would delivering something in January, or heck, even while i was home in Michigan in December, but… March it was. 2 days POST delivery date. ack. and the music thing, Alex would always bounce around in there in church when we sang. now, no matter how loud it is, she sleeps right through it. I think it’s soothing for her in a way.

  2. Nora says:

    So glad you like their blog… the more you read the more you are addicted… the day she had her transplant, a group of girlfriends and I did nothing but sit on our computers (in our PJ’s) and pray for updates. They just have the best attitudes and have been an inspiration to thousands.

    You still have the right to whine… Pregnancy is tough and delivery is REALLY tough.

    Love the Buzz Lightyear pic… They have that ride at Disney World and it’s one of our favs!

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