I’m all 28 and stuff


On Saturday I turned 28 years old.   It was one of those birthdays where all day I was thinking, "Dang, 27 sounds so much younger than 28!"  and then there was the inevitable "I’m pushing 30!  I need to get my act together!"  Ah well, copious amounts of sweetened carbohydrates shook me right out of my misery.  By the end of the day on my birthday I had eaten:

-(The night before) homemade blueberry pie with ice cream.
-A good half of a baked German apple pancake, which is pretty much a compressed apple pie, with pancake and cinnamon sugar instead of crust, and yes, it is the SIZE of an actual apple pie and tastes wonderful coated in butter.
-Strawberry shortcake (HUGE)
-A basket of bread dipped in garlicky olive oil
-Eggplant parmesan with chicken
-A huge slice of my Coldstone mint chip ice cream cake (my husband!!  I love him!)

And there were NOT many leftovers.

This year I asked for weird stuff (and I got everything I asked for, per usual, because John!  He is awesome!).  He got me a pair of Adidas slide sandals that I’ve been wanting (I had some in high school), some really cool books, a new nightgown, and a rosebush!!  The BIG thing I asked for is to make our backyard pretty.  One of the first things my doctor commanded when I got pregnant was NO GARDENING!  Which sucks, because the one positive thing I have done in the past to vent and blow off steam is to get in the garden and hack weeds and trim stuff and pick flowers until I drop dead.  So on my b-day John took me to Home Depot for a good two hours and we picked out tomato plants and stuff for an herb garden and an avocado tree and dirt and mulch and a weed wacker and lots of other stuff!!  I must be getting old because I absolutely loved it.  The second part of the gift is that he does all the digging and weeding and I just point and say where to plant stuff and water my little herb garden!  Woo hoo!

We tooled around in the garden together today and it was just awesome.



Juicy had a tough day … he had to go to the vet!  He’s been battling a bad ear infection in both ears for a few weeks now and we finally had to take him in.  We waited a little longer than we should have because we hadn’t found a good place to take the pups yet … the first vet I visited when we moved here was so unprofessional I won’t even tirade about it here except to say that for 500 smackers the dang receptionist can GET OFF THE PHONE WITH HER MOTHER to deal with me.  You know?  Anyway, we went to a VCA that we’d driven by a few times (I used to take Henry to a VCA Animal Hospital in Champaign-Urbana before we got married and they were always so, so wonderful) and they were awesome!!  If you have a VCA in your area, take your pet there.  Poor Juice had a yeast infection in his ears.  Gross!  And the drops are $50 bucks!  I was considering just going and getting some Monistat instead but the vet kindly told me that he hadn’t spent 7 years in animal medical school to let idiots like me put Monistat in their dogs’ ears (ha ha just kidding).

Let’s see, what else?

Ooh, I got some new Crocs with a birthday gift card!!  I know some of you love to poop on Crocs, but they are pretty amazing to a pregnant lady who can barely tie her own shoes.  And!  You can wash them!  In the washing machine!  I love that!  See, these aren’t SO Croc-y.

Oh, and speaking of pregnant, I’m 25 weeks now.


I am really having a lot of trouble with my right hip. I think it might have something to do with how I’m sleeping or how the baby’s positioned (her feet are up in my ribs ALL the time lately on the right side!).  When un-pregnant I usually sleep on my right side but I find that sleeping on my left side does help with heartburn big time, and turning over a lot is getting harder.  I’m also drinking a lot more water now but peeing a lot less often (compared to the first trimester).  It’s been hot here (in the 90s) the last few days so I’m getting pretty worn out by the end of track practice and come home just reeking from the combo of the heat and sunscreen and dust and my sweaty team.  I’ve been showering twice a day.  We’re going through a lot of laundry in this house these days!

A few cool things are developing, though, and one is that we can really feel our girl moving on the outside!! It takes a little patience but John gets at least one kick a day and even my mother-in-law felt one the other day!  The kicks/punches are coming in series now, so as soon as I feel the first one I’m usually guaranteed a couple more.  She still loves music and now moves in response to Daddy’s voice!  She was going crazy on Sunday morning as he gave his sermon!  Hee!   I think it helps that he’s got no problem with volume.  🙂

Our next doctor’s appointment is this Thursday, and I have to drink the gross orange glucose drink and hopefully pass the gestational diabetes test.  Yuck.

One last thing:  There is a bird outside my bedroom door (we have a door in the bedroom that leads to the backyard) who enjoys squawking at 1 am.  At first I thought it might be an angry squirrel (and we have a possum who likes to hang around our backyard sometimes) but after THREE straight nights of being awoken by the stupid bird I KNOW it’s a bird.  It’s been so hot — and we have no A/C — that it’s nice to sleep with the door open and get some air at night but I CAN’T thanks to this stupid bird.  Someone tell me, what breed of bird is nocturnal and/or why in the heck would a bird act this way? 

And how can I kill it?


7 thoughts on “I’m all 28 and stuff

  1. Liz says:

    Hi Manda! Ok, I’ve been lurking around here for ages, but now that I can call myself a fellow blogger, I feel I can finally leave a comment! I’m 27 weeks and just started noticing Baby responding to my husband’s voice too! Isn’t it just amazing and awesome (in the old sense of the word)? Also, I have to do the heinous glucose test at my appointment on Friday. Bleh. Tell me how yours goes. 😀 ~Lizzie

  2. Lily says:

    By the way, about the glucose test, it took me until the second pregnancy and a different obstetrician to find out that you needn’t do an overnight fast for it. Just make sure you haven’t had anything to eat within TWO HOURS of the test. Why didn’t anyone tell me this before?! All the while, I’d been starving the two times I took it my first pregnancy (I failed the first one-hour test) and the first time I took the glucose test this pregnancy. Yes, I did take the glucose test twice this pregnancy, and NOT because I failed the first time.

  3. Kara says:

    I don’t know what to tell you about the bird…

    BUT I really don’t think the orange drink is all that bad. It really tastes like an odd orange soda. My recommendation is to eat VERY little sugar the day before the test. And absolutley none the night before. It will really help with the results…and my doctor recommeded that. Sometimes people fail just because they had too much sugar the day before…and then the second test is really LONG.

  4. Kara says:

    Oh…and you have no A/C!! And you live in California! And it is already 90! You’re going to be so HOT this summer…

  5. Nora says:

    I hated crocs until we went to Disney last year, and bought some half way through the trip (BECAUSE MY FEET WERE FALLING OFF!!!) and now, sadly, I’m in-love. The ones you got are cute and essential for all pregnant women (my sister lived in hers for 6 months). I am asking for the little mary jane type ones for moms day.

  6. Rachel says:

    Happy belated birthday!

    The glucose test isn’t too bad, it just tastes like sugary orange soda.

    When did you live in Champaign-Urbana? I was in Urbana from 90-93. You are a couple years younger than me but if you were there you may have known one of my sisters.

  7. Larmar says:

    ack! glucose test! in all reality, it didn’t taste too awful, but because i couldn’t eat anything until they got my blood sample an hour later and then after my doctor’s appointment, i was all hopped up on sugar. i am surprised i was able to drive myself to the appointment, to be honest. i had the worst case of jitters. so, my recommendation… bring something to eat right after they take your blood. it will help immensely.

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