I am so fat my fat has fat

We went in for our 25 week checkup today.  I have now gained 18 pounds since the start of my pregnancy. 18 POUNDS.

O. M. G.

So if I’m doing my math right (probably not) that means that I’ve gained 10 pounds IN A MONTH.  Oh, and I’m a huge ginormous whale.  My doctor very kindly admonished me that I am to gain no more than four pounds this month.  BECAUSE I’VED ALREADY GAINED MOST OF MY PREGNANCY WEIGHT.

I’m so depressed.  Good thing I have a bag of peanut butter M&Ms on the microwave.

In other news, my blood pressure was "perfect."  I think it was 114/71 or something like that.  The baby’s heartrate was 155 BPM, also "strong" according to the nurse.  She found it right away!  She also measured my belly, and it was right-on for 25 weeks. 

We’ll find out about the gestational diabetes test tomorrow … if anything’s wrong the doc will call us.  I was all jacked up for a while today after drinking the glucose drink which contained 50 GRAMS of sugar, but I’m sure I’ll pass.  If I don’t it’ll probably be a good thing: If I have gestational diabetes I can’t eat sugar for the rest of the pregnancy and then that could help control my astronomical weight gain.

Thus, I leave you with my latest pregnancy photo:



5 thoughts on “I am so fat my fat has fat

  1. Jenny says:

    I’m sorry you’re sad about your weight gain. I know it sucks — pregnancy does NOT do a body good. My dr in Spore would LAUGH at me at how much weight I’d gain. Laugh I tell you. My DR! I cried a lot after my appts. But then I lost 40 of 50 pounds in two weeks so I showed her! (Okay, it was all water weight – stupid pre-eclampsia). You can always fall back on breast feeding – it’s great! The calorie burning effects of exercising while sitting on your butt with your boobies hanging out. Hah-hah! (But seriously, it is a great way to lose weight. I’m thinking about pumping after Ali is weaned so I can still eat like a teenager.) Okay, I think this post has exceeded the maximum length. Oops.

  2. Liz says:

    I SO FEEL YOU!!! Did you happen to read my post about the “weight talk” my Dr. gave me? It’s because I gained 11 (ELEVEN) pounds in a month. So I win. Or wait, is it lose. I’m a ginormous hippo too. I will post a photo of my belly soon and then you won’t feel so bad, I tell you!

  3. Twisted Cinderella says:

    I am HUGE.

    The way I look at it, I have the whole rest of my life to lose weight, I only have this once to have my baby growing inside me. So I am not going to worry about it.

  4. Caroline says:

    Twisted Cinderella had it right. This is your chance to carry your daughter. And you do have the rest of your life to lose the weight. And nursing is amazing. I nursed until Elizabeth was about 15- 16 months old. It is a great way to lose that weight and then tack on exercising and proper eating and presto chango! I really liked the weight gain because I finally had big boobies!!I even have people say something to me.

  5. Morgan Swanson says:

    Hello. I am a first time poster here. I love your blog.

    I am currently 34 weeks pregnant with Baby Girl #2 and have gestational diabetes for the second time. The plus side of this diagnosis is that I have gained 5 pounds the entire pregnancy. The negative side is that it MAJORLY SUCKS having to follow the special diet. I hope that you do not have it too! All I want to do is eat Dairy Queen Blizzards, Ruffles, and PF Chang’s – but nooooooooooo. My diet is mostly chicken breasts and cottage cheese. Rest assured, once Baby #2 makes her appearance, cheesecake and chinese food will be delivered by my husband ASAP!

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