Coo coo ka-choo, pass the ice cream

Today I packed the perfect cooler.  It had water bottles and soda on the bottom, just enough ice, and two lovely steaks nestled on top ready to be grilled at tonight’s family bbq.  I was in such a good mood about my cooler packing skills that I voluntarily drove so John could work on his message for tomorrow (it was a 45-minute trek).  Too bad I forgot I live in LA where people are crazy whilst behind the wheel and also simultaneously left the winner for the WORST cooler design on the backseat, thinking it would be heavy enough to hold its own.  WRONG.  The thing is top heavy — why anyone would make a cooler that is smaller on the bottom than it is on the top is beyond me, and so is WHY WE BOUGHT IT — and you can guess what happened.  Some idiot slammed on their brakes in front of me, I slammed on mine, and boom the whole cooler emptied onto my purse, which is of course on the floor in perfect range.  Kids, there was no saving it.  The entire contents of the cooler barfed all over the car.  I couldn’t get the cuss words out fast enough.  Nor could I find enough humor in the situation to take a photo (and oh, by the way, my camera was in my bag). I nearly cried.  Stupid hormones!

Wanna hear some other cool things about pregnancy?  How about bloody boogers?  It is sick.  And yes, I am totally that lady digging in her nose at the stoplight.  Hello!  Pregnant!  I can do what I want!  Too bad other drivers can’t really tell I’m pregnant.  Oops.

And then there’s the klutziness.  My husband actually had to pray for me about it tonight because we’re starting to worry that I’m really going to hurt myself one of these times.  I stubbed my toe so hard tonight I would have thrown something breakable if anything was in grabbing range.  It’s a twofold thing:  first I get hurt, and then it makes me SO MAD.  I really am starting to lose it!!

I’ve caught a LOT of grief over calling myself a walrus this week.  Ok, ok, I’m prego and it’s a great excuse to be fat, I’m gorgeous and glowing, blah blah blah.  But can I just tell you that I BROKE my camping chair tonight?  The one I’ve had since high school?  Sure it was old and rusty but I really didn’t need that one this week.  At least I get a new chair out of it … it’s a necessary item for track meets.  I think I’ll be springing for a fancy one with arms and cupholders and the whole nine yards.  Woo!  Excuse to shop!

Anyway, proof of the largeness, as if you need it.  I took this pic on Tuesday, I think.


Not to worry, I’ll be scaring you with an updated 26 week photo in the next few days.

While I’m complaining, can I just tell you that I have a visible bruise from where Little Buddy’s feet/elbow have been wedged up in my ribs all this week?  On Friday I started pushing back because she is literally kicking me in the right boob.  It hurts!  I can sometimes manage to unwedge her (which also relieves the pain in my back) but she gets really mad and kicks me on the side for a good half hour afterwards.

Since this post was depressing I’ll drop a bit of sunshine on you:  My favorite nephew.  I have a huge crush on him.  Can you believe that he’s just under two months old?


Juicy got a little crush on Robert too.  Hee!



One thought on “Coo coo ka-choo, pass the ice cream

  1. Liz says:

    Just think! That bump is going to be something as precious as that little nephew of yours. And they let you take it home and keep it!! That’s what it’s all about! 😀

    Also, I posted a photo on my blog pretty much just for you – I have a feeling you’ll feel better! Or at least in good company…

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