Reality check

Living in LA has its realities.  As it turns out, the weather, the scenery and the celebrities are only a miniscule fraction of what life here is really like.  Yesterday kids on my track team were buzzing that a member of our team had been shot at.  I saw him in the parking lot after practice and he told me that yes, he’d not only been shot at, he’d been hit.  He was limping, and said that one of the bullets had grazed his leg and the other lodged in his hip area after hitting his phone, which was in a holster on his belt.  It was a random shooting at a gas station, and he said the security cameras got it all on film.  The whole thing is crazy.  All the time we hear about shootings on the news (but only when someone gets killed).  My kids live all over the city and a lot of them bus into our high school as a last resort to get away from the violence in and around where they live.  After living in this city for 10 months I guess it was only a matter of time that someone I know is directly involved in an act of violence.  It breaks my heart that he’s only 17 years old. 


The weather here the last few weeks has been crazy unpredictable.  On Sunday morning we woke up and the house was freezing!  Poor Juicy was shivering!!  Last weekend we had weather in the 90s!  The sky is cloudy now, and it looks like we might get a few raindrops.  Fine by me, I’ve been getting sapped at practice lately and I’m sick of showering twice a day.  I am looking forward to trying out my new maternity swimsuit at the beach, though, va-va-voom!!



John’s sister dropped another huge load of prego clothes on me last week: two huge suitcases full!  I finally broke down and bought another plastic tub and took another chunk of regular clothes out of my closet so I won’t get tempted to try them on and get depressed.  I spent 30 minutes organizing my closet yesterday so there will be plenty of available things to wear — that fit — within reach. And on that note … NO MORE COMPLAINING ABOUT WEIGHT GAIN!  I promise.  I need to go back to my normal-life philosophy of being as healthy as possible and not worrying so much about a number on a scale.  I will be watching what I eat more (and eating out less) as of now and will hopefully obey my doctor’s order about not gaining too much this month.  However, as my husband aptly put it, "Don’t listen to ole Dr. Stickbug!" (my doctor is not only male, he’s a petite one).  One more reason why I married him!!  🙂 


3 thoughts on “Reality check

  1. Nora says:

    How sad (and scary!) about the shooting… But what an opportunity you and John have to make a positive impact on as many as possible, especially the kids… God bless you both and may He keep you safe!

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