27 weeks, getting my fash-on


Today marks the beginning of the 27th week.  Still have a baby’s body part wedged up in my ribs on the right side.  I have noticed that it gets worse when my stomach is really full, so I’m trying to eat smaller meals more frequently and that’s been helping.  Yesterday I was lying back in our recliner and Johnny was over on the couch and I felt the baby kicking, then looked down at my belly and realized I could also SEE the baby kicking and told Johnny to look and HE could see it too from about 8 feet away!  I AM IN SO MUCH TROUBLE WHEN THIS KID TURNS TWO!  Oh lordy.  Speaking of sitting in the recliner, it’s been helping my back pain a lot.  It’s gotta be something about getting my feet up.  Anyway, whatever works, I’ll do at this point.

Thanks to various contributions (sister, sis-in-law, mom, mom-in-law) I think I am finally starting to get the hang of the whole maternity dressing situation.  The key?  Do not be afraid to wear the same outfit multiple times a week, even two days in a row.  Also?  Do laundry often.  And?  Stretchy is key. Oh and one more thing?  Slip on shoes.  All the time. 

In other news, today I was hanging out with my nephew and I asked him, "Who’s Auntie Manda’s favorite nephew?  Who is?  Whooooo iiiiis?" And he smiled at me.  He loves me!  He knows who I am!  We bonded!!  He is the cutest, most intelligent 8 week old person I have ever met.

Right after he smiled at me, he farted.  God bless him, he really IS my favorite nephew!!!


The countdown is on for Lily.  Go over and encourage her … baby #2’s due date was today and so far no action.  Baby girl, come on DOWN already!

Happy Mother’s Day!

p.s.  *Clarification on the last post*:  I am very HAPPY to be pregnant!  It is a huge, huge blessing.  I only said that I was trying to "look happier" in my pictures because I always make funny faces in them, and I’m also trying to have a better attitude on the little discomforts and body changes I’m going through.  This is not to say that I won’t greatly enjoy lying on my stomach again one day, or perhaps seeing my feet again soon.  Hee!


5 thoughts on “27 weeks, getting my fash-on

  1. KATHY V says:

    That nephew of yours is so cute. By the way I posted my first belly pic if you are interested in seeing mine. Your belly looks cute and I bet little buddy is doing well. I read everyday but I have been a bad commenter and I am sorry about that. Glad to see your happy face rather than your funny face. Looks good!

  2. Liz says:

    Isn’t it amazing when you can see the kicks from the OUTSIDE? I think that was the first time Adam realized that this baby is completely separate from me and already a little person. So awe-inspiring.

  3. larmar says:

    I TOTALLY HAVE THAT JACKET! and i wore it many times while pregnant. it was one of the 4 articles of clothing that i just cycled through again and again and again.

  4. Ashley says:

    Niiiiice jacket. Funny that Laura commented on having the same jacket, because I’m pretty sure we bought them when we were together at Target! Laura…I passed the jacket onto my pregger sister because I thought she would look super cute in it…I just never wore mine..Laura don’t hate me!

    I love you, sis! You look HAWT.

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