30 weeks: Hide your valuables.

So, here's a picture of how I would appear if I were looking on the bright side of it being T-minus ten weeks until the baby arrives in all her glory:

30 weeks

Motherly, huh?  Pregalicious?  Should that be my next preg-adjective?  If the last week of my life had a taste it would be just like a paw that recently stepped in poo.  See Henry next to my hand in the picture?  Like me, he's still LICKING THE POO OFF HIMSELF.  So I guess pregalicious is off the table for now in lieu of POO.  Just poo.

Here's how I feel ON THE INSIDE, as if you needed a visual:

300 weeks part 2



How about one more person ask me if it's twins?  And then when I say no, definitely not, why don't you smirk and ask if I'm sure an extra baby's not hiding in there?  How about ONE MORE COMMENT about how HUGE I am?  Do you really want to feel the full weight of a crazed pregnant lady who doesn't get enough sleep crushing down on you?  That being said, I am really not looking forward to our doctor's appointment on Tuesday (you know, the one I had to reschedule because I FORGOT THE LAST ONE?).  Nurses' eyes pop out of their heads when I tell them the week count and my doctor gives me the old "tsk, tsk, don't gain too much weight" speech and I want to scream "OK I GET IT I'M FAAAAAAT!"  And then I will drop their computers and crash into their cars in the parking lot.

So yeah, I guess you could say I'm really, really ready for the fun stuff to start.  Baby showers and furniture re-arrangement and so forth (we got an early start yesterday … I now have a functional workspace in our bedroom.  Woo hoo!), and let's not forget the all-important LAST DAY OF SCHOOL … on which track practice will end for the season.  I will miss seeing my kids every day but I'm ready for a break.

Once again, let me reassure you that I AM HAPPY WE'RE HAVING A BABY.  I cannot wait to meet her!  But people I'm not gonna lie … I'm also very happy that pregnancy is temporary.  I know that when she finally gets here all this will be worth it.  And then I'll do it again.  And probably again after that if I'm still alive.  And you will probably have to listen to me whine ALL THE WAY.

Here's to week 30.  May you rule over and exceed week 29 (shouldn't be tough)!


2 thoughts on “30 weeks: Hide your valuables.

  1. Lily says:

    Manda, you do NOT look like you’re carrying twins. Even though my second pregnancy was MUCH easier than the first, I, too, am glad pregnancy that it’s temporary. K, nighty-night. Sleep deprivation is simply practice for what is to come in 10 weeks!

  2. Liz says:

    I’ve been thanking God that this is temporary lately, too! I’m about ready to have my old body back that worked just fine without the back and hip and knee and feet aches! AND, just so you don’t feel too bad, my MOTHER keeps asking me if I’m sure there aren’t twins in here. Big babies are ok, right? 😉

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