Is it moral to put an elliptical machine on a baby registry?

Went to the doctor this morning and got the usual eyeroll after the "shocking" revelation that I've gained another eight pounds.  Why the crap can't they let me take my clothes off before they weigh me?!  The doctor was all "John, what are you feeding her?" and John (because he's the man I was born to marry) simply snapped back "She's FINE!"  After that the doc didn't say boo about how much I'm allowed to gain (or not gain) next month.  He did bust out that little circle calendar thingie and said "August 18" before he'd even measured me or anything.  I'm sticking with the sonographer's August 16 estimation, and praying that she comes WAY earlier, like, two weeks early would be awesome.  As we were leaving the office we both agreed that Dr. Parks won't be our guy for the next pregnancy — his bedside manner is just not the best.  I'm more comfortable with female doctors anyway.

Not that I don't realize that I've gained 36 pounds … good grief.  I should probably try and cut down on the sugar and carbs a bit, but dangit, baby LIKES sugar and carbs!!  Know what I'm clinging to right now?  While we were in the waiting room I flipped through People magazine and it said that Milla Jovovich gained 70 pounds during her pregnancy.  Sure, she's a model and she probably weighed a hundred pounds going in and has already lost it all thanks to her chef and personal trainer … but I don't care it made me feel a little better. 

My blood pressure was 119/75, something like that (I should really write things down) and my pulse was a little high because we took the three flights of stairs up to the office, so all signs point to me being a healthy albeit LARGE pregnant lady.  The baby's heart beat was a lovely strong 148. 

Tonight we have our first childbirth preparation class.  When I signed up on the phone today the lady told me to bring a blanket and pillow if I wanted to … I asked her if I'd be lying on the floor and she laughed and said no, but then didn't elaborate.  So, someone, what the heck do I need a blanket and pillow for?  I'm a little nervous.  We also found out that we can't get into the baby care class (I was bummed and John was thrilled – he's an instruction manual kind of guy) and we are now on the waiting list to get into the breastfeeding class (the only available time isn't until after the baby comes).  To make me feel better John read to me for an hour out of What to Expect the First Year while Henry sat with me on the couch.  It helped but I can't help just feeling blah today.  It's kinda cold out and overcast and I easily could lie in bed and watch movies all day just feeling sorry for myself.  Alas, there is work to be done …


8 thoughts on “Is it moral to put an elliptical machine on a baby registry?

  1. KATHY V says:

    See if you have a in your area. I know it isn’t exactly the same as a hospital class but here they have free seminars for parenting and breastfeeding. The schedule for the one in my area has a preparation class for dad’s this coming Sunday and the breastfeeding seminar is in July (toward the end I think cause I don’t have the calendar in front of me.) It might help though, check into it. Also, check to see if any competing hospitals offer classes. You might be able to take them there even if you aren’t delivering there. (I could take classes at a number of hospitals even if they aren’t where I am delivering.) I hope that helps.

    Also I went to the early pregnancy preparation class. They told us that during later classes of childbirth edu that we might lay on the floor but during the first couple they just want us to be comfortable. They told us to bring two or more pillows if we wanted to. They said some of it will be sitting in chairs. Don’t know if that helps any.

  2. Katie says:

    I recommmen a book by the american academy of pediatrics called “Bringing home your newborn: from birth to reality.” It’s really easy to read and has tons of great info….

  3. Emily says:

    I knew a girl who gained 90 pounds during her pregnancy, and you know what? Six months later, you’d have never known she was ever pregnant. Some people gain more than others, and I think that’s just the way nature intended it. Chances are, your body needs that extra weight for a reason, and you’ll probably drop it all as soon as you give birth. That’s when we’ll all hate you, though.

  4. Nothing But Bonfires says:

    Eh, what is that doctor’s PROBLEM? “What are you feeding her?” is so offensive that I probably would have slapped him. And then said “Spinach. He’s feeding me spinach. Didn’t you feel the power in that punch?”

  5. larmar says:

    blanket and pillow – for ‘relaxation exercises’. the best part of the class i swear. our lady turned down the lights, put on nice music, and had the guys massage our backs while we ‘went to our happy place’. supposed to help you relax in between contractions, and to be honest, i didn’t think to even try at all during the real thing… but man, any excuse for your guy to give you a massage for 10 minutes is ok with me. 🙂
    and the breastfeeding portion of that book is really helpful. i turned to it several times. and you should get a little bit about it in your class as well. so don’t worry. and the nurses you will meet after you deliver are crazy and they will show you the way. nazi nurses i like to call them. they will get that baby latched. 😉

  6. Liz says:

    Girl, have you seen photos of Salma Hayak pre-pregnancy and pregnant? Some people just get big. I’m including myself here. Just in the last week or so, I can see some bloat in my CHEEKS and NECK for heaven’s sake. Sigh.

    Also, if you want a good chuckle and can get past some completely irreverent humor (she’s a comedienne), Sippy Cups Are Not for Chardonnay by Stefanie Wilder-Taylor is a pretty light hearted book that helped me laugh about some things…

  7. Katia says:

    For breastfeeding instruction I recommend a La Leche League Group. The volunteers are nurses and/or trained lactation consultants, there’s lots of support, you can just show up and it’s free! Check out a group in your area.

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