Birth 101

After my dismal doctor's visit on Tuesday morning I was NOT excited to go to our birth class on Tuesday night.  But since we shelled out the dough, I figured we'd better show up and collect whatever free stuff they might throw our way (which they very well should for one hundred forty BUCKS!).  We didn't take the blanket and pillows by the way, and I was glad we didn't.  No one used theirs except to pad their chairs.  While that would have been nice (hello again, hemorrhoids, you jerk), I was glad that we didn't drag stuff off our bed to a hospital. That concept just irks me.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that our class is being taught by a ROCKSTAR!  Her name is Penny, she's this totally hip grandma type, and guess what else?  She's given birth NINE TIMES.  To NINE PEOPLE.  And she only got drugs once.  When she said that my jaw went slack in awe and amazement.  After everyone was introduced (there were about eight couples there) Penny jumped right into a discussion about whether or not your vagina goes back to the way it used to be after you give birth and I KNEW I was in the right place.  It was exactly what I needed.  John and I sat there together with his arm around me for two hours and laughed and had a blast.  AND!  She gave me a diagram of where all your internal organs go when the baby pushes them out of the way!  Finally I know where that gurgling sound is coming from (my stomach!  Which is wedged up under my sternum!  Woo!).  We are totally looking forward to the next three sessions, and she's even going to give us a hospital tour!  For free!  Another cool thing?  Penny knows, like, every doctor in the area.  We told her our doctor's name and she immediately was all "Oh yes, he's in the Marina" so our big plan is to get Penny to give us a few recommendations on doctors to switch to based on our needs.  The first need?  A doctor who, oh, I dunno, CARES would be nice.

Our house is starting to come together in terms of baby prep even though we haven't started getting the baby's room ready yet.  We've reorganized the office to a more usable space for John and set up my desk in our bedroom.  Although a few years ago I would have totally balked at the idea of having a desk in your bedroom, I actually USE the thing now.  My husband and I just have different workspace styles.  He, for instance, can work very happily if there are piles of paper on the floor and/or if the rug hasn't been vaccuumed.  I, on the other hand, must pick all the little balls off my sweater, unload the dishwasher, brush the dog, and make a cup of tea — in addition to many other things — before I can settle down at my desk.  I think that part of this whole process of "getting ready" for us is more than just setting up a crib, we have been addressing how exactly to carve out space for a third person!  It's been a good inspiration for some long-overdue cleaning out (we've been married almost 4 years and we're just now going through boxes from when we were first married and moved in together!).  Now when we get baby gear we'll have a place to put it!  Now, what to do with a baby …


2 thoughts on “Birth 101

  1. Liz says:

    I totally want to see the diagram Penny gave you – I hope they do something similar at our birthing classes. I’d just like to know exactly what this pain under my left ribs is… 🙂

    Adam and I live by the “not awesome” rule. If something is not completely awesome, we don’t have room for it. Our house is small, and we’ve moved twice since being married almost 3 years ago. It’s worked well for us.

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