31 weeks


So as it turns out, there is life after pregnancy week 29.  With the help of Trader Joe's ice cream cookie ice cream sandwiches (you know, the ones rolled in chocolate chips?), my foot-massaging-house-re-arranging husband, and the movie Reign Over Me I've almost fully recovered.  John purchased a new hard drive for my laptop and is in the process of one last rescue attempt on the old one as I type this.  I'm hearing "It might start up!" every few minutes which gets my pulse racing … all those pictures!!  My graduate thesis!  Could I see you again?  I'm trying not to get my hopes up. 

Other good, in fact amazing, things have been happening.  I told you about the birth class awesomeness, but did have you seen THIS?


My new blog BFF Lizzie knitted this WITH HER OWN HANDS for Little Buddy!!  I opened the package yesterday and I could actually feel my heart flip flopping it is so adorable!  Does she not have mad skillz?  I'm recommending the opening of an Etsy shop right here in public.  If I could, I would buy 15 more of these.  But then Lizzie's fingers might fall off.

As for a pregnancy update, I now have what commercials call RLS, but only in my left leg.  This combined with the now THREE bathroom trips I have to make during the night, charlie horses, AND a dog who I should have named "Shifty" instead of Henry (he startles out of his bed next to my side like he's been electrocuted every time I get up and go bump in the night.  Which should make things interesting once we have an infant in a Pack n' Play in the near vicinity).  Of course, because nature is so kind to me, there are MORE stretch marks.  I go to bed at night at they're not there and in the morning I get up and they've magically appeared.  Lovely.  Like Santa.  I use cocoa butter every day but all that seems to do is relieve the itching.  Sigh.  Also, my wedding rings might have to come off soon.  By the end of the day my hands are really swollen and a nurse recently warned me that they would cut them right off me if they had to. AHH!  I love my rings, and since lately I've had the propensity to lose and destroy anything precious to me I really, really don't want to take them off.  That, and I haven't taken them off for any significant period of time since we got married 4 years ago.  Boo.

Since I always strive to be educational on this website (HA HA!) here's the "How Pregnancy Changes Your Body" cross section as requested.  I don't have the scanner software on this computer so a blurry iPhone photo will have to do for now.


The part of this drawing that irks me the most is the small intestines.  Is THAT what Little Buddy has been wedging what are sure to be LONG feet (like her daddy's) in?  Gross!  And is that seriously all the room I have in my stomach for pizza and doughnuts?  SAD!  We have our second birth class tonight so we'll get to learn MORE fun stuff I'll probably bore you with soon.  Three cheers for Penny!


6 thoughts on “31 weeks

  1. larmar says:

    the increase in the boob size is not NEARLY exaggerated enough in that picture….


    that sweater is frickin adorable. i would definitely pay for one.

    have fun at your class.

  2. Annaaaaaaaa says:

    oh man, I WISH I could knit like that. if I tried, you could probably fit your arm in one sleeve and your leg in the other.

    and no WONDER you have to pee 3 times a night- look at your bladder!!! it’s flattened! it’s amazing you can hold anything in at all!! what a trooper you are. 🙂

  3. Liz says:

    The anatomy lesson is fascinating. I had no idea that there was basically nothing down low except uterus. No wonder our rib cage is all uncomfortable, everything’s smashing its way in there. Also, no wonder 4 strawberries make me full, look at the size of the stomach! Oy.

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