Week 33: Baby showers are fun!


Yesterday John and I attended our first baby shower!!  Our church was kind enough to throw us a lovely, fun shower yesterday afternoon.  Can I just say how much fun it is to attend someone else's birthday party, eat all their cake and open all their presents?  It was a melee of pink, ribbons and lace … I have never seen so many presents in my life!  People just LOVE to dress little girls!  I hope she hasn't grown a penis in the last thirteen weeks, otherwise we will have a very gender-confused little boy!!  Seriously, I need to re-evaluate my wardrobe so I can be seen in public with my own child.  Her closet is already overflowing with the cutest things for her to throw up and poop on.  My favorite thing about little girl clothes are the little booty covers you get with the dresses.  I plan on saving them and using them as summer "outfits."  Stay tuned for many, many naked baby pictures.

My mom and sister Ashley are visiting this weekend and we are having such a blast!


It's so fun to have my girls here to help me organize and it's always a nice bonus that they have the energy to help me clean up and do things around the house (since they're not, er, PREGNORMOUS).

And speaking of pregnormous:


Folks, we're crossing into that territory.  You know, that place in pregnancy when all bets are off and anyone could have their neck wrung (that is if I could catch them) at any second?  We're there.  I'm pregnormous, I have constant heartburn, I haven't had a normal bowel movement in months, and to top it all off we're experiencing record heat here in West LA (oh, and we don't have air conditioning. GREAT).  I dozed off on the couch today after a full morning of worship practice, church, then a baptism ceremony at the beach (which was awesome, by the way), then lunch and when I woke up I was in a full-on sweat.  Add to the situation that my husband has backed the couch ottoman up to the couch and then leaned himself against it WHILE PLAYING A VIDEO GAME so I can't get up to pee and you've got a crazed, huge woman on your hands.  Trust me, it ain't pretty.  Especially since I was too hot to sleep much last night.  I had a temper tantrum that included the demand of a glass of ice water WITH A STRAW and then settled in next to the fan and haven't moved since.

I'd better ask someone to bring me some Tums because until I have to pee again, I ain't moving.


4 thoughts on “Week 33: Baby showers are fun!

  1. Nora says:

    Since he doesn’t have stretch marks, hemmoroids, heartburn, swelling, back pain, and hormones… I’m sure John is happy to help any way he can. You are allowed to get a little “diva” when you’re body is being put to this kind of test. We’ve all been there and probably been way more mean and hateful about our need for “ice-water” or whatnot.

  2. Liz says:

    Yay baby showers! And I’ve taken a liking to barking orders and being crabby lately too. Understanding husbands are PARAMOUNT to survival. Bedtime when it’s hot is the WORST.

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