Baby bouncers: Not just for soothing babies anymore

This is where I caught my husband (he had no idea I was taking a photo) at the end of a long day of Target-ing.  He even had the vibration and music going!!  It was so hot out and people were out in full force … I guess summer is officially here!  I understand how he felt because my sciatica was acting up and this was the second Target we had to hit to find our crib in stock … I totally had the pregnant-lady waddle/limp going on until we found a glider on display.  The crib was on sale, so we were mildly desperate to spend our gift cards, but we probably should have quit while we were ahead.  Thank goodness they had one left! 


Good thing we got the bouncer at our shower the other day!  I'll have to get it out of the box and fire it up if my husband gets fussy*. 🙂

[edited to add:

*Which is never.  He is the greatest, most supportive partner!!  He brings me ice water even when I'm being a huge crabby fussbag!  He rubs my feet!  He sleeps on the edge of the bed to accomodate me and my extra pillows!  He makes me feel pretty even when I weigh more than he does!!  He really is a saint. With a nice butt.]  


4 thoughts on “Baby bouncers: Not just for soothing babies anymore

  1. Liz says:

    This cracks me up! I think Adam would be embarrassed if I posted a photo of him in a similar situation. 😀 As it is, sometimes he will preface something he wants to talk about with “don’t blog about this, but…” Funny.

  2. anne nahm says:

    Lol – get an extra one for him for all those long days ahead of baby care. Maybe another two for him to put his feet in after a long day.

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