The cousin crush

Had your quota of cuteness yet today?  Well if not, here's my nephew testing out the ragingly popular safari (with soothing vibrations!) baby bouncer:


I think he approves!


Our daughter will swiftly be developing a cousin crush as soon as she's old enough to realize how HANDSOME and WONDERFUL this boy is.  Oh dear.  I totally had a cousin crush when I was a kid.  Come on, I mean, my slightly older boy cousins were tall and cool (they snowboarded!)!  Don't worry folks, like us all, they got older and fatter and slightly bald and now they're just regular old cousins.  But back in the day, DANG!  And don't act all "ewww, you incestuous weirdy!" because you KNOW you had one too.

Did you see that?  I didn't mention pregnancy one time in that whole post (and boy do I have material today … thanks to my lovely sciatica I can barely walk!).  Go me!


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