The ride home: celebrity sighting edition

Our buddy Tyson got ROBBED!  I can’t believe he won’t get credit for his amazing run yesterday because of a stupid tail wind.  Ridiculous!  It was still the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen a human being perform.

So today it was time to go home.  BOO!  We weren’t ready to come home yet!  Alas, away we went to the airport.  Who did we see at our ticket counter?  The winner of the 400 meter hurdles, Tiffany Ross-Williams and her husband!!  It was so cool to congratulate her in person with no one else around!  Then we saw her again at the cafe outside the gate (where she wished us good luck with the baby) and then AGAIN on the plane!  I felt a bit stalker-ish, but she was really nice.

Then I got out my camera to snap a few last shots in the airport terminal and … it’s all messed up and won’t take pictures. SUCK.

And then, gmail won’t let me access my email.  Paralyzing.

And then on the plane we sat behind a young couple who insisted upon MAKING OUT for most of the flight.  I must be getting old because it annoyed the crap out of me. 

Here’s one more for you: We’ve got our bags and we’re waiting outside for our ride to get us at LAX.  While I’m sitting there I notice that someone is blowing smoke on me.  NICE!  I turn around to give the smoker a dirty look and who do I see not three feet away from me but BOBBY BROWN.  I’m not kidding you people, Bobby Brown was right there in person smoking a cigarette all over me.  Way to go Bob!  First you get thrown in jail for drugs, then Whitney leaves you, then your son sucks it up on that lame Rock the Cradle show AND THEN you blow SMOKE on a pregnant lady!

And let’s have three cheers for no more airplane flights for me until I’m totally un-pregnant!  Woo hoo!


4 thoughts on “The ride home: celebrity sighting edition

  1. Morgan Swanson says:

    You are the cutest pregnant lady! And you are a trooper to watch outdoor sporting events in Eugene during our recent heat wave, holy cow…. Bobby Brown – ugh. Stay inside by the a/c for the next few weeks!

  2. larmar says:

    ew. plane rides while pregnant. SUCK.
    you are getting close to D-day there, girlie. not too long now!!

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