The switcheroo

So now that it’s been announced that we’re having a baby girl and we have one baby shower under our belt (the result of which was an ENTIRE WARDROBE for our Little Buddy), people have come up with an interesting new twist:  “You know, it might turn out to be a boy.”


After being hounded for MONTHS about finding out the baby’s gender and then making it public, a lot of people are now having fun saying “OOH!  Don’t take the tags off all those baby clothes … she could end up being a HE!!  hahahahahahahaha!”  Then a story follows about a friend or relative who was told they were having a girl and then BOOM!  “Hope you’ve got a boy name for backup because this one’s got the wrong plumbing!!”  Are you kidding me?  The worst part is that my husband has now convinced himself that he’s “not sure” what he saw on the sonogram screen.  What did I see?  The sonographer very clearly pointed out the baby’s FEMALE genitals and repeatedly asked me with no doubt in his voice “See the lips?  Right there?”  to which I nodded yes because I was absolutely in shock because OMG that’s a BABY!  I saw no penis whatsoever on there, and that kid was spread eagle with no umbilical cord in the way. Yes, I guess there’s a remote possibility that our daughter has grown a penis in the last 14 weeks, but SHEESH why won’t you people let me have ANY FUN?


4 thoughts on “The switcheroo

  1. Brandy says:

    People said things like that all the time when I was pregnant with my son. They would say “what happens if it comes out a girl?” My responses were “if it comes out a girl then the penis fell off” and “I guess she’ll be wearing a lot of blue”. That’s basically what I say when they ask what if we have a boy this time (we’re expecting a girl) just turned out to “if this is a boy then he sprouted a penis really late” and “he’ll be wearing a lot of pink or a lot of hand me downs”. 🙂

  2. Liz says:

    Whatever. Sonographers and the ultrasounds themselves are so wicked good now, that there really isn’t any doubt. Boo to the people that like causing stress. (BTW, we do have a backup boys name just in case).

    And? That is truly a crapload of clothes. You’re going to have an outfit for every single day and the rotation will be such that she’ll only be able to wear things once before she grows out of it!

  3. Lily says:

    That is A LOT of clothes! Liz is right, very little mistakes these days with sonograms these days. Keeping tags on all the clothing isn’t a good idea. Need something for Baby Huddle to wear going home (and people suggest washing them ahead of time, given the sensitive skin of the little ones).

  4. Morgan Swanson says:

    Tee hee. I was worried about the same thing. No worries, all the lady parts were there upon delivery and the tags came off IMMEDIATELY upon return home from the hospital. Funny thing, with our first baby (a girl) we bought all this unisex stuff (even Pottery Barn bedding) “just in case” the next baby was a boy. Well, surprise, our unplanned (don’t leave the ‘family planning” up to the hubby) Baby #2 was a girl, so now I feel silly and we should have just gone gung ho with super girly stuff from the very beginning of this having kids business. Poor Baby Girl #1, dressed in unisex clothes, while Baby #2 is SMOTHERED in girly items.

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