I have a crush on the Staples guy. So does my husband.

Yesterday in total desperation John and I took my sick, broken camera to Staples to see if they could help us figure out whether or not we’d purchased a service pack for it (I got it as a Christmas gift from John a year and a half ago … the service plans usually last 2 years).  We couldn’t find any paperwork on it and we’re never sure about our electronics because John went through a phase of turning down the service plans on small electronics.  God bless him, he’s always been the penny pincher in our marriage, and he HATES spending money so when the salesperson would offer the service plan when we had something on the counter he’d scoff, “What a ripoff!”  We finally broke him of that after a laptop completely went kaput a few days after the 1-year manufacturer’s warantee expired.  There was blood, there were tears, it was a complete mess that could have been solved for a simple $39.99 upon the time of purchase.  Oy. Since then it’s been smooth sailing … we’ve swapped out three coffee makers for no charge, at least two toaster ovens, and an answering machine.  Now we ALWAYS buy the service plan!!  Learn a lesson from us people … it’s worth it!!

Anyway, when my camera died we went to our special Service Plan Folder (oh yes, we have a folder) to see if we could find the paperwork and there was none.  Uh-oh.  Can I just say for the record that we LOVE this camera?  That it takes amazing video and awesome pictures and oh, by the way, we’re having A KID in about a month so we need something to record her every snort and gas bubble?  The timing could not have been worse.  So off we trudged to Staples yesterday on a hope and a prayer.

Once again — as I’ve been telling you all — God confirms that, yes, there is a God.

Here’s how it went:  We walked up to the service desk looking woeful.  We explained that we couldn’t find any paperwork on our service plan and could the nice man check and see if we have one?  Here’s where it gets amazing!

Bryan (the amazing guy who manages our friendly neighborhood Staples): “Want to make this really easy?”

Us: “Huh?”

Bryan: [slowly] “We can make this really easy.”  Cue “Easy Button” commercial.

Us: “Ok.”

Bryan: “Go and pick out a new camera for around the same price you paid and I’ll swap it out.  All you have to do is buy a new service plan.”

Me: “What?  I don’t understand.”

John: “Shutup Manda.”

Bryan: “If we swap it out on an old service plan then you can only do it once.  If you get a new one you will have two years on the new camera.”

Me: “But…”

John: “Shut up.  Shutup shutup shutup.”

Bryan: “Ok, go pick out your new camera and I’ll figure out the rest.”

So we do.  We go pick out the newest model of my already amazing camera — which two years later is regularly priced at the exact same bargain-basement-sale-price-with-a-coupon that we paid a year and a half ago — and bring it back to the service desk.  Bryan swaps it out, we purchase a new plan for $49.99 and leave the Staples within 15 minutes.  With a brand spanking new camera.

Now if you are missing the COOLNESS of this story, let me list a few things for you:

1) He never even asked what was wrong with the camera.
2) He never even questioned whether or not we had a service plan, nor kicked our asses for not having proof that we even bought the camera at Staples (which we did, we’re honest folk who have trouble sleeping at night if we screw with people).
3) We didn’t have any of the accessories with us.  No big deal. 
4) Bryan acted surprised that we were so surprised about how the whole thing was handled.  He jokingly asked us: “So did you expect me to be a jerk to you or something?” 
5) Also?  Buy a good camera case.  Even if they have one for $4.99 at Target that looks equally as sporty as this one:


The moral of the story?  First, shop at Staples.  They are amazing.  Second, always buy the service plan.  Third, there are still good people left in the world who work in retail and don’t make it their job (or consider it fun) to hassle you. 

The result is of course that we have a working camera to take pictures of our baby.  And there is a third person in the world who knows what we are going to name her.  His name is Bryan and he works at Staples.  The end.


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