That rocks (no literally, that ROCKS!)

So the other day an acquaintance of mine who is moving out of state brought this litttle beauty over for us:


Sweet, right?  We have been wondering how in the heck we are going to fit a pack n’ play in our room without, well, removing our own bed and this totally solves our problem!  Not to mention that it’s CLEAN, gently used, and everyone who has used it in the past has been kind enough to NOT lose the owner’s manual.  Awesome, right?  My friend received this as a hand-me-over from someone at her church and apparently it’s been passed along to many babies.  It rocks, plays music, is on wheels for goodness sake (!!) and it’s totally not something we would ever register for or purchase because of the short life span it would have in our household.  So yeah, our baby has a place to sleep if we don’t get around to the nursery until after she’s born (or she decides to come early) … score!!


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