Week 35: Whoever named The Seven Dwarfs knew a pregnant lady

First of all, you people are amazing.  Thank you so much for your input on the hospital visitation thing!!  We don’t have it figured out yet but you make good points for both sides.  On the one hand, it would be nice to have a little privacy at the hospital, and on the other hand, allowing visitors of all kinds might make for good blog fodder…  quite the dilemma!

Remember these guys?  Bashful, Doc, Dopey, Grumpy, Happy, Sleepy and Sneezy?


I guess you could say that if you rolled all of The Seven Dwarfs into one, you’d have this:


Cute, huh?  I’m starting to spin out of control.  One minute I’m Happy, one minute I’m Grumpy (my husband will be  glad to confirm this for you).  Turn around and I’m Dopey  (oops, what’s your name again?), then I’m Sleepy.  Yes, I’m even Doc (“hmmm, this feels like the baby’s butt.”  “I have heartburn so obviously I need ice cream.”) and Sneezy … well maybe “Boogery” would be better, although sneezing practically makes me pee my pants.  And then there’s Bashful … let’s keep these stretch marks and cellulite under wraps in the lovely summer months — i.e. NO SHORTS. 

So yeah, this is crazy.  I’ve pretty much gotten over the eyeball widening when people ask when the baby’s coming and we say “a month.”  THANKS for the sympathy, everyone, really.  I can’t eat an entire meal (I get through half and I’m done) in one sitting, but weirdly I can eat TONS of ice cream at once and also watermelon without getting too full.  I’ve been purposely trying to add carbs to my diet to help me with my bathroom issues and that’s been helping a little … still no word on when I’m supposed to come in and take my poop test.  I’m tired, people.  I’ve been sleeping a bit better … I toss and turn a lot of the night, get up around 3 to pee, and come back to bed and tank out until 9 or 10 (with a pee break at 6, of course).  For whatever reason I’m able to sleep in the morning.  It doesn’t really matter, though, by 5 pm I’m ready for a nap.  It doesn’t make a difference whether I nap or not when I go to bed at night so when I have the opportunity, I crash out.

Several people have commented that I look like I’m carrying a boy.  Oh hell.

Several people have also commented that I don’t look like I’m carrying too much fluid … i.e. no “cankles” (the phenomenon where your calves go right into your feet and you have no ankles).  That’s nice!  My blood pressure was low at my last doc’s appointment (we go back on the 16th) so I’m feeling good about that one.

In other news, look who we get to hang out with this week!


Our almost 4-month old (wahhh, he’s growing up too fast!) wonder nephew (and his mom and dad too, John’s sister and her husband).  They are throwing us yet another baby shower on Saturday and we are sooo excited to soak up the Smith family all this week — they live in Idaho.  That’s one positive thing about summer … all the visitors!  We love it!


2 thoughts on “Week 35: Whoever named The Seven Dwarfs knew a pregnant lady

  1. Morgan Swanson says:

    You crack me up! So creative. I feel for ya – the last month is rough. Just because you don’t have cankles doesn’t mean you aren’t full-to-bursting with fluid. I had no cankles either. When my OB broke my water at my induction last month it was the single most wonderful feeling IN MY LIFE. Not kidding!!!! I must have lost two gallons in one minute. I felt SO MUCH better. Reveling in that happy, newly light sensation got me through the rest of the delivery that evening. Seriously – my mood was that vastly improved.

    Enjoy your guests!

  2. larmar says:

    i didnt have alot of fluid either. in fact, i was low, but they didnt know. that makes it hard for them to break your water… i wont go into details šŸ˜‰
    you have such a cute belly. my belly was never cute. it was just invasive.

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