Week 36: It all ends in tears anyway

Don’t worry, I haven’t given birth.  Shall I demonstrate?


Just when you think you can’t get any bigger, right?  John has told me several times that I look like I’m losing weight in my face, arms, etc., but NOT in the belly.  A friend of mine who is a nurse practitioner in L&D told me Saturday that it looks like we’ll have a good sized baby!  No kidding!

Where do I begin?  This weekend was a total blur.  We had a lot of stuff going on at church and then our second baby shower on Saturday!!  It was a lot of fun, and of course we racked up tons more baby loot (including the car seat, woo hoo!).  Our daughter will also be dressed through her first year of life with little supplementation.  Insane!!

Finally we’re starting to get out baby’s things.  I set up our new glider on Sunday!!


Holy awesomeness I love this thing!  Since it’s been set up if John can’t find me in the house … I’m in there rocking away.  It’s SOOO comfy.  I feel better knowing that I’ll have a place to sleep during the long nights when our kid is screaming at me.  I’ve also been rearranging things in our bedroom today to make room for the sweet bassinet a friend gave us.  Short of getting the hospital bag packed (which is getting started today for sure) we should be in decent shape should the little monster munchkin arrive early. 

So, you know how when you’re pregnant you can’t do anything by yourself anymore?  Yeah, that’s getting old.  Today I needed help getting some furniture out of the bedroom and I was trying to slide it by John’s office door by myself and he of course came to my rescue.  Then I started crying because I’m so frustrated with not being able to do ANYTHING.  I can barely carry out a laundry basket anymore (which might help account for why I’ve been wearing too-tight sports bras for three days).  It sucks!!  So while I was having a good weep over being so helpless I waltzed my way down the road to when I’m pregnant with the next kid and I’ll have a whole OTHER kid to take care of … oh help us.  It’s been an interesting day.  Good thing I have Oreos and Reese’s Pieces stationed on my desk.  That and egg sandwiches seem to be doing the job lately.

For the first time in my life, I’m dreading going to Target today.  We are out of the essentials: toilet paper and frizz spray and such (yes, frizz spray is ESSENTIAL, WAHHHHH!), and leaving the house doesn’t sound like much fun.

I have other things to blog about (the baby shower, we went to interview a pediatrician, my dog is a dirty jerk, do you really need a changing table?) but my brain is still mush from my crying fit and I have to go get the sheets out of the dryer.  More soon.


4 thoughts on “Week 36: It all ends in tears anyway

  1. A'Dell says:

    I want to hear about the changing table – I’m thinking this is something I don’t really need, but everyone else wants to tell me that I must have it and all I can think about is where the F is it going to go in the tiny room we’re calling a nursery?

    You look great – only a few weeks left!

  2. Emily says:

    No changing table. We used the crib when Asher was really little – just buy a few pads that you can lay under her little bum while you change her in case of minor sprayage. This has worked for us for TWENTY ONE ENTIRE MONTHS now. I am a satisfied customer.

    Also, may I just throw in my last two baby cents and say these: http://tinyurl.com/66akbt
    SAVED MY LIFE. When you change a crib sheet, you have to take the ENTIRE mattress out of the bed. With these sheets, you just tie them on to the crib rails and therefore, don’t have to remove the mattress to change them. And you can still see your cute crib sheet through the rails, since this sheet just lies on top of the mattress. I had a reflux/spitty baby, so I changed sheets A LOT.

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