Baby shower, part deuce

Is there anything better to do on a Saturday afternoon than go to a baby shower for your baby?  I think not.

First of all, there’s food. And cake.  And if you need more food (say, In-N-Out) there’s always someone who is ready, willing and able to jump up and go get it for you.

And did I mention the giant stuffed dogs?


And the outfits?


And adorable nephews ON the giant stuffed dogs?


Thanks for our awesome shower, Jono and Caci (and Robert!!).


And now, on to the boring stuff.

On Monday we had an appointment to interview a pediatrician.  I wrote down all of the questions you told me to ask her, internet!!  It was great!  All the other moms-to-be had stupid questions about what kind of bottles to use and other crap and I was all “Do you use vaccinations with mercury?”  I felt so PIMP!  But I need to back up a little.  We arrived at the office location right at 2:30 and were walking all over trying to find the office when I heard a voice behind me say, “You’re looking for me!!”  We turned around and were greeted by a woman in her mid-late 30s, walking a little dog (I think it was a mini-Pin), wearing a skirt up-to-there and flip flops.  I was all “Huh?”  and she was all, “I’m Dr. Fisher!!  I couldn’t tell you were pregnant from behind except for how you were walking so I figured you were looking for me!  This is my dog Karma!” and off we went to the office.  There were other pregos there with their hubbys so I was a bit confused about what was going on … until the doctor came back out with her two associates and I realized that we were about to have a little group meeting there in the little bitty waiting room.  Interesting!

All in all, Dr. Fisher was all right (I have to tell you, I was really put off by her shorty skirt), but we REALLY liked her two associates, Dr. Lau and Dr. Shapiro.  Both of them were young, pretty much our age, but they both went to amazing medical schools and Dr. Shapiro was even a chief resident at her school and called herself “a lifetime camp counselor.”  LOVED that.  We will probably put Dr. Lau down as the guy to come and check our baby out at the hospital (he himself has an 8-month-old daughter).  We’d like to meet another doctor but we don’t know anyone else with kids who can recommend … so pretty much we’re checking “find a pediatrician” off the list for now.  We can always change if it doesn’t work out.  The office is seriously two seconds from our house and the parking is free so we’re digging that!

One other weird thing that happened … at the end of the interview one of the nurses put a bunch of formula packs on the counter which one of the doctors commenced to SHOVE on us “because there’s a great booklet inside.”  I wanted to refuse it but I was too flabbergasted.  I’m a little afraid of having the formula in the house because I know the first few days of breastfeeding are going to be really hard and I don’t want to get tempted to use it.  Thanks for the support, doc!  Sheesh!

Speaking of feeding the kid … breastfeeding class happens tonight.  We also have a doctor’s appointment later today so I’m sure there will be an “I hate Dr. P” rant around the corner.

In other news, I don’t think we’re getting a changing table.  There’s nowhere to put one!!  We got a dresser at our baby shower (I know, we had the best shower EVER!) so I figure if worse comes to worse we can just put one of those contoured pads on there for a while.  How have changing tables worked out for you?


8 thoughts on “Baby shower, part deuce

  1. Katie says:

    I’m totally with you on the changing table front….I got one of those changing table pads with a no-skid bottom that you can partially screw onto the back of the dresser. who needs another piece of furniture when there’s a perfectly good dresser-top? (of course, I’m still pregnant, so can’t speak to how that will work out, but it looks good and saves space…)

  2. Caroline says:

    I have had friends go without changing tables. I prefer it because I did not have to lean over. It protected my back. Are you getting a pack n play? A lot of the new ones come with changing tables thingies. About the formula, I think it takes more effort to make the bottle than to whip out the ol’ boob.

    Can’t wait to hear more.

  3. maggie says:

    We use a dresser too. Works fine. It’s huge, so I have a basket full of diapers/supplies at one end and the changing pad at the other. Jack hasn’t fallen off, but he has fallen into one of the drawers. Which is ALMOST falling off, but not quite.

  4. Morgan Swanson says:

    That is so weird about the formula pushing going on from your doctor’s office! All the doctors/nurses I have come in contact with up here in Portland are extremely pro-nursing, occasionally a little TOO pro-nursing.

    Just for the record, I combo feed – 50/50 – and it works perfectly for us. I won’t lie – nursing is no walk in the park at the beginning, but it is a really nice way to spend time with and nourish the Baby once you both get the hang of it – we are now at Week 6 and things are very smooth.

    Now – we had enough room for a changing table in the baby’s room upstairs and we like it just fine (it has open shelves below it) and for downstairs we just have a washable changing pad (plastic backed) and I move it around the rooms as necessary. A basket with the pad, wipes, and diapers should work just great.

    That is so exciting that you have a month left! Almost time to meet your baby!

  5. koloradokid says:

    I’m pretty sure my folks used the “top of the dresser” method, and all in all, I think I turned out kinda normal (no laughing!), so I give it a big thumbs up! Hope y’all are doin’ well, and I’m prayin! Good luck!

  6. larmar says:

    first, you look great.
    second, we have a changing table, and i love it, but i think i would be perfectly content with a contoured pad on a dresser. it’s the pad that is nice anyway. for a while, that’s the only place that alex would calm down.
    third, stash the formula. i have about 5 things of it that i kept getting for free. it’s deep in the closet somewhere, but there in case i ever need it.

  7. J. says:

    Contoured pad on dresser. No reason to buy a changing table. We used the dresser upstairs and the Pack ‘n’ Play downstairs (she pooped a lot at the beginning and we didn’t want to run up and down the stairs–now we just change her upstairs).

    Formula–like someone else said, keep it tucked away. You will use it eventually. K. decided she was done breastfeeding about three weeks before her first birthday, so I gave her formula for the last few weeks (I didn’t have any extra pumped). It was nice to not have to buy any (have you *seen* how expensive the stuff is?!)

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